No Substance no Attention

There’s somethings that we don’t have to add to our lives. Some conditions we simply don’t have to agree to. If there’s absolutely no substance to what we’ve been exposed to then we should ignore those things. Sometimes we find ourselves in environments that are so dysfunctional and do we really need to be attached to those environments? Absolutely not. Sometimes we deal with situations that will only decrease instead of increasing.

There’s some people who will only generate toxin in our lives and we simply don’t have to engage with the toxicity. It’s important that we build healthy relationships. If there’s somethings in our lives that will create a decline then we need to let those things go. Removal of things that won’t generate “growth.” We will come across indivuduals who will try to discourage “movement.” 

Making sure that we stay mentally healthy means letting go of the toxins. Move forward to better living. Be apart of happiness. Happiness starts within then moves outward. There’s no movement if we keep looking back and paying close attention to individuals who are trying to create setbacks. Moving forward doesn’t mean holding on to those things that drag us down. It means developing something stronger. How can we build strength by holding on to those things that will continuously pull us down? 

We’ll come in contact with some who will disagree no matter what we do. Some who refuse to accept that others must move forward and “elevate.” No growth if we allow individuals to control our lives. We’re unable to live productive lives by being under others control. Some will nevet accept that they can not and should not be apart of the journey. Sometimes we have to leave behind what we’re use to. 

Finding news ways to do things. Something unfamiliar. That’s why so many have difficulties moving forward because they’re so use to the familiar. Afraid of the unknown. Fearful that they’ll make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Some may have difficulties admitting that they do. No substance no need to carry weights that will only create misery. 

Sometimes we continue dealing with situations because if we think that not dealing with the situation means failure. That every situation needs our attention. We can’t excel when we allow individuals to create a false reality. One that they have designed. A form of control and some aren’t functional unless they’re controlling others. We can’t live our lives that way. Well, we can, but we shouldn’t. 

Some people will never add any value to our lives. Some will try to drain all the energy that we have. Leaving us feeling moserable. That’s why some choose to stay clear of certain individuals. Once we realize that there’s too much dysfunctions then we need to make a decision. Connecting with people who are willing to add some positivity to our lives is a healthy way of living. If we don’t have to deal with certain people then we should avoid the stress. 

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Staying Whole in a Cruel World


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