No Need to Worry About Where I’m Going

Some are way too busy focusing on what others are doing or will do. It appears as if there’s a lot of individuals who have too much time on their hands. Some may be miserable or just bored. Whatever the reasons are there will be some who aren’t pleased about where a person is going or where the person or persons want “to go.” There will be a lot of people who aren’t satisfied with what’s going on. So to make themselves feel better they’ll try to make life more difficult for others. No need to feel despaired because of the resistance. 

There’s many ways to solve problems. Some may choose to create more problems. What’s funny is so some don’t understand that we’re all given a choice to live our own lives. Some will monitor others just to see where they’re headed. That’s why it’s important to keep some plans on the down low. That’s right. Be very secretive about “the future.” What some may perceive to be may not be. Perhaps allowing some to think that there’s nothing happening will allow more to be “accomplished.” 

Yes indeed. Taking some time to sit back and ponder on where to go. What will be the next move? Don’t let them know. Some are so in tuned with a person’s every move they’ll obtain ways to spy on an individual. A lot of people will try to sabotage not understanding what has already been designed isn’t for the individuals to change. They’ll try anyway. The best thing to do is to “proceed” even when others are trying to create problems. 

We’ll all have to deal with some very difficult people. Some feeling the need to challenge others for whatever reasons. Certainly can’t be concerned about people who may never change their line of thinking. The ones who are busy trying to pull down aren’t doing themselves any justice. They’re actually creating more problems for themselves. Busy worrying about Tarina, Shakita, and Johnathan and not minding their “own business.” 

Just give a wave and keep on moving ahead. So many are focused on the wrong things. What others do or want to do with their lives is their business. Hating on others won’t help in anyway. No matter what a person does there will always be some hating on what they’re trying to accomplish. Some actually mean well and there will be some who are simply envious. 

Not everyone is trying to cause a disruption but the ones who are aren’t worth be bothered about. Don’t mean to sound sarcastic but some are so irritating perhaps even to themselves. “Move in the direction which will cause elevation.” BY: Tanikka Paulk.  So unfortunate when there’s so many people not appreciating other’s gifts. Who has time to babysit their thoughts. There’s a lot to accomplish and if one wants to accomplish more then they’ll have to ignore the troublemakers. Focus on rising and not on going backwards. Alright!

There is a place for each individual. Sometimes we’ll experience setback after setback because we’re in the wrong area. Until we decide to make the necessary changes in order to arrive to the proper destination then we’ll continue to face the same issues. There should be some preparing going on to make a move in the chosen direction. Not what others want but what’s best for the person who has “a right to choose.” 

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Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk


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