No Fear but Plenty of Hope

No matter how tough things become. We must keep going, be not afraid, the challenges will certainly arise but life is filled with challenges and we become stronger when faced with challenges. No hope shall be lossed. As long as we believe that we can succeed then we will. No matter how many doubters there are, hecklers, and critics. It is best to keep going and just keep believing. There will be envy but envious ones can’t stop a dream. So many become dismayed because of what’s said or done. Then there’s some who are use to adversity that they’re able to continue on. 

Reaching higher and higher. Not letting anyone stop the flow. Progressing each day and knowing that one day. There will major “success.” All the naysayers will be puzzled. Wondering how in the world could individuals overcome some of the most challenging situations. God gave everyone the strength to overcome. Some fairly quickly while others may take some time to heal. We will have to experience some pain. There’s always a way to achieve. Sometimes we may have to ponder a bit on how to do so. As long as the hope is there then we’ll be alright. 

There will be plenty of discouragers. Trying their best to create a stop but because we’re gifted. There’s no stopping. To dimming of the light. We should “continue to shine.” The light! No hope lost. More strength gained and more confidence. When we really want to succeed. We will despite the circumstances. Always remember, “If They’re Trying to Pull Down Then They’re Behind,” Keep going anyway. Everyday may be filled with a challenge or two but we shouldn’t allow the adversity to get us down. 

There’s more to gain than there is to lose. If we focus on what we can do today then we’ll be alright. Elevating isn’t easy but it’s certainly possible. Even a little action can create wonders. We’re all given a gift and although some may choose to not let their gifts shine. Other shouldn’t stop shining. Some cannot tolerate seeing “progression.” No one who has achieved success, has avoided going through the adversity, some had to try over and over again. 

It’s important to remain encouraged and focus on the dream. Some aren’t even given an opportunity to dream. Some have lost their dreams but for the ones who have the ability to live their dreams. “Live the Dream.” Forget about the haters. The haters will be there but they’re in no position to stop a dream. Sometimes we’ll need to regroup and that’s alright and the setbacks will occur. Removing the fear allows us to move a bit faster. The progress may be slow at first but in time. We’ll just soar like an eagle. 

Birds, Eagle

Photo’s Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially 

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