Newborn Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is a time for gathering with family and friends. Giving a gift to a newborn can be a bit difficult. Most newborns don’t need a lot and certainly are too young to want anything. There are however, several gifts that the parents of a newborn are very likely to appreciate.

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Practical gifts

Most parents of a newborn have some basic needs. They need diapers, clothing for the baby and most of all sleep. A great gift to give to a newborn is to offer to care for them for a few hours so that their parent or parents can get some sleep, go shopping or just relax without having to worry about the baby. You can give this gift as a pretty handmade gift certificate and place it with a card in an envelope under the tree.

If you want the gift to be for the baby a United States Savings Bond is an investment in their future. This will mature over the years and by the time the newborn is ready to be thinking about college, it will have earned a considerable amount.

Along the same lines, you can choose one share of stock to start a portfolio for the newborn. You can try to find a meaningful stock or go with something you know has a history of being a stable investment. Stocks like Disney, Mattel and Johnson and Johnson are ones to consider.

Fun gifts

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Zoobies are a gift that is both practical and adorable. It is a stuffed animal that is also a blanket. It comes in such cute styles as a giraffe, a cow, a lamb and a turtle just to name a few. The blanket is inside the animal and while the newborn won’t be using it right away, in a few months this will be their best friend. They can love it and then nap with the blanket.


Books are always a great gift for any child even a newborn. It is never too early to start reading to a child. If this is a first child you can start them off with some tradition favorites such as Goodnight Moon and Love You Forever. If it is not a first child then you will have to look for something that you are pretty sure they don’t already have. One way to do this is to have a custom book created with the child’s name used in the book.

I See Me is one place you can order them from.

These are just a few ideas for gifts to give to a newborn. Consider the family, the parents and the child and decide what will be the perfect gift for your newborn this Christmas.

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