New Food Labelling Coming To A Store Near You

The government of Canada has just announced new and improved, less confusing, labelling to be in the works. Several initiatives have been commenced for proposed changes in nutritional labelling regulations.

The changes aim to make labelling clearer and easier to compare for the consumer by making serving sizes consistent across the food product board. They must also make the labelling larger and easier to read. However, the biggest step forward is that the Canadian government will be making manufacturers give clear information on the amount of sugars in foods. They are also, proposing that the sugar percentage daily value in a food be stated, as well as making it clearer to the consumer just how much sugar and what is the source of the sugar  contained in the product. Sugar content will be listed and any percentage at 15% and higher will be shown to be excessive. Plus all sugar must be included on the label even if it is from a natural source.

The Minister of Health, Rona Ambrose, said that the reason behind the new labelling is all the comments and feedback from parents over the years. Parents have indicated they had trouble comparing similar food products because the serving sizes were inconsistent and did not reflect the entire amount of the product or the amount they typically eat. The new labelling would mandate the standardization of serving sizes so parents can more easily compare food products and make healthier, wiser informed choices.

This proposal will also make it mandatory to list all food colouring agents by their real or common name within the ingredient list. They also want to claim the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables on pre-packaged foods to keep this valuable information at the forefront of educated shopping. 

The consistency of serving sizes will make it easier for parents to compare with other products and make healthier choices. Canadians will be able to make their own decisions based on information that will be easier to access and not hidden within inconsistent and confusing wording. 

These ground breaking new food labelling proposals are the result of Health Canada feedback from thousands of Canadians over the years. Rona Ambrose said nowhere else in the world will consumers have such clear and precise information on the sugars in their foods. The Heart and Stroke Foundation have welcomed these proposals and claim it is definitely a step in the right direction. Most changes should be implemented within five years, says Health Canada. 

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