I Never Wanted to be a Writing Fortune Teller on Writedge.

It appears a couple of articles I’ve posted on Writedge over the last couple of months, have proved to be almost philosophical; and I don’t like it. In December I wrote a somewhat tongue-in-cheek article on the Ladies having it mostly their own way on the internet, when it comes to blogging and residual income sites.ID-100169596

This was followed last month by a blog questioning the viability of paid-per-view, revenue share sites. Over this period, the proverbial hit the fan in the Writedge and Daily-2-Cents camp. Firstly the bot problem; and the difficulty of differentiating between unique human views, and those of robots. As if that wasn’t bad enough, within days a bigger slap hit everyone in the face.

The sites were losing money, and no business can continue down that road indefinitely. Something had to be done, accept a big drop in income per 1,000 views, or go back to adsense earning. As with all things to do with changes and ideas on the sites, Danielle and Michelle discussed it with all us writers via the Facebook support page. It was many of the comments and ideas, which started to bear out my original posts. With my rather wry British sense of humour, they also sowed the seeds of this one.

From a personal point of view, not being as active as many others on site, my earnings were meagre by comparison. Although I was seeing a steady increase in earnings every month, it wasn’t until November when I hit my first payout, then again in December. Now, with the new view counter, looking at my totals for January, I will be lucky to hit payout by next Christmas, and that’s at the old rate.

Much of the discussion centred on what we, as writers, can do to help the sites achieve a greater traffic flow, helping to reach the next tier of ad revenue. What was trending on site? Danielle and Michelle listed the most popular topics, my worst fears were realised. All were what we term evergreen niche topics. Top of the pile were celebrities, TV, and gaming. These were followed by the likes of work from home, mums and babies, how to’s, recipes and cooking, etc. Yes, the ladies have it by a mile.

To add to my woes, discussions were taking place on new niche pages for these trending topics, new facebook communities to promote them. I was cut, bleeding from the heart. My content was no longer needed. I was being ostracized by the community I had come to love. I am, after all, a mere male.

I don’t want to feel left out. I’ve met one or two (UK) celebrities over the years, even if it was just to say, ‘good afternoon’. I’ve played Zinga Poker on facebook, watched a bit of TV. I was in at the beginning of three children (should I rephrase that?) I even do my own cooking, and I’ve survived so far. Yet these are ladies topics, not being sexist, it’s just ladies do them so much better than men. So where now for a writer whose writing isn’t, well…trendy?
This isn’t just a Writedge, Daily-2-Cents phenomena. I did a bit of surfing earlier, looking for some new inspiration, visiting a few of those sites where many pick up all this up-to-the-minute trending stuff. Looking for something trending which wasn’t – trendy.

Social networking, interacting, has never been my forte. Not because I feel it’s below me, I promote my work; g+ it, and link to a couple of facebook writers groups. I’ve even started tweeting lately. I read a few posts on these different sites, comment if I can where appropriate.

There is no doubt that social media sharing is very successful for some writers. I am though, beginning to wonder how much of it has to do with content, if your page is a popular niche, does it do better? Most will have heard of Copyblogger. A big site dedicated to all things internet marketing. If there is one thing we can consider an evergreen topic, it has to be internet marketing, yet they closed their facebook account.

Ask most young drug addicts, alcoholics, or any other addicts, how they got involved in their particular vice. It’s usually peer pressure, or they didn’t want to feel left out.
So, where do I go from here? Do the same not to be left out? Change my wardrobe, maybe trendy patched jeans with nice matching Hawaiian shirt. Perhaps a pony tail in 5 years, if what’s left of my hair hasn’t fallen out first, and start writing trendy. What about a gender change? You can buy nice little bikinis these days with those foam inserts, for the ‘fuller figure.’ Typing in high heels may feel a bit awkward at first, but practise makes perfect.

Or do I man-up? Buck the trend. Continue in the same vein, writing the same rubbish no-one else wants to read. While trying to retain a small piece of this internet writing world which still allows us wrinkly old males a piece of the action. Clinging on by the fingertips, before we all get put out to pasture?

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