Myths About Sex and Women Who Are Over 40 Years Old

You may have heard that the new thirty is forty. Yet, did you stop and think that this also means that women who are at the age of forty and over are still enjoying sex and some are enjoying it more now than they did in their twenties. Yet, when it comes to women and sex at the age of 40 and over there are many common myths.  Here are some of those myths.


Myth: You no longer need sex if you are over the age of 40


Yes, most women after the age of forty aren’t planning to have babies. Women won’t physically die if they aren’t having sex. However, women still need sex. Sex helps bring joy and satisfaction to one’s life. Sex also helps one emotional and physical health. Sex will help the blood to flow better and help get the heart pumping.


Myth: Women over the age of 40 are undesirable


The idea that women who are forty and older are undesirable is a huge myth. Women at any age can be attractive. Age does not contribute to beauty alone. Attractiveness comes with how one treats themselves, cares for themselves, and carries themselves.


Myth: The body isn’t a sexual being once it enters the perimenopause stage of life  


Yes, perimenopause can affect one’s sex life. It can cause mood changes and dryness in the vagina. However, both of these can be dealt with and one can continue enjoying a great sex life. Mood changes can be dealt with through time, stress reduction techniques, and extra attention from one’s partner. Dryness can be treated with lubricants such as KY Jelly. One can also stimulation techniques and vibrators that can be used alone or with their partners. If one does find that perimenopause is affecting their sex life, their doctor can help them discover treatments that can help.


Myth:  Sex drive drops as you age


No, normally the sex drive does not drop as you age. Yes, life and responsibilities may take up your time. They may make it harder for you to have time for sex. They may also make you more tired and therefore you aren’t always able to perform as you would like. Yet, age itself does not usually play a part in one’s sex drive. Health can play a part in sex drive. This can include certain health conditions such as thyroid disorder and certain medications that one may be taking such as antidepressants or hormone treatments. If you notice a big drop in your sex drive, don’t use age an excuse. See your doctor to find out the real cause.


Yes, forty may be the new thirty. It is also the age in which most women are still enjoying sex. If you are forty and find that you don’t fall into that category, stop and consider why. You may also want to talk to your doctor and discover the reason why.


Note:  Featured Photo Credit  Pixabay 

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