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In The Hole, a family consisting of a mother and her two sons, Dane (Chris Massoglia) and Lucas (Nathan Gamble), move into a new house. the eldest, Dane, isn't happy about all the times they have had to move, but is rather cheered up when he sees the attractive teenage girl, Julie (Haley Bennett), who lives next door.

In the cellar of Dane and Lucas's house, the three of them discover a trapdoor in the floor. This trapdoor has been locked shut with a large collection of padlocks. When the three find a key to the padlocks and open the trapdoor (instead of taking the hint that perhaps opening it is not a brilliant idea), it reveals a dark and apparently bottomless hole. It's certainly far too deep to be truly real.

Efforts to try and find what is in the hole fail, but after opening it, they start seeing things, and not just in the house. Julie sees a young girl who is apparently injured. The other two see this girl in the house too, and she walks in a rather creepy way, not showing her face, before crawling into the hole and disappearing. Lucas sees and hears an evil clown puppet who keeps chasing after him. The three try to find out what the hole is and work out why they are seeing things. The hole itself is presumably behind everything, as until they opened it, nothing happened. Even worse, they can't get it to stay shut again.

The film was shot in both 2D and 3D. The 3D filming may have been a mistake, as it increased the cost and probably made the film unprofitable. The 2D version was the one watched. This is sort of a horror film - there are some moderately creepy bits, but it isn't truly horrific, and there are funny elements. It's certainly not the sort of gore-fest you see in films aimed at older audiences - this one is (mostly) suitable for children, although they may find some bits frightening. There is also a, very brief, post-credits scene.

The Hole really isn't a bad film. It isn't rated that highly, and it was a commercial failure, but it's entertaining enough, especially if you want something creepy, but not horrific to watch. Most adults are unlikely to find it that scary, but then, it isn't supposed to be. Not a bad piece of fairly light entertainment.

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