Mother’s Day Special – Flowers to Gift Your Mum Based on Her Personality!

Loving and caring, our mothers are the best! They are unique to their traits, and the mascots of endless love and warmth! However, other than loving our mothers, we sure do remember her for a particular set of personality traits, or there is that one idiosyncrasy that we associate only with our mothers. For instance, your mother could have an affinity to artsy home decor collectives or vintage watches. Once you know these traits, you know the kind of flower bouquet to gift her on Mothers’ Day, which is on 13th May.

Here are a set of flowers suited to the personality of your mother. You can either select a single flower type bouquet or have a combination, depending on what closely defines her.

Traditional and Organized 

Your mother surely is family oriented and has a distinctive classic style in her dressing. She is secretly proud of the pearl or diamond necklace that has been passed down to her by her elder generations. For her, the best flowers to gift would be Calla Lilies, Peonies, Stargazer Lilies, Hydrangea, and Roses. It would be even more perfect if you add a classic dark chocolate cake with a heartfelt message.

Creative and Inspiring 

She must be unconventional and probably does not like to play by rules! Most creative people do not adhere to any fixed form or norm. Even if she is not an artist herself, she has an affinity for anything artistic. She might also have developed a liking for revolutionary and new age theories, art, and concepts. Modern art forms, vivid colors and sculptural elements are what find a way to her heart.

The keywords to focus here are unique and artistic. So opt for the Fiddlehead Fern Curls, Hawaiian Ginger Flowers, Pink Velvet Protea and the Cymbidium Orchids. Today, several online flower bouquet service providers help you to send flowers to loved ones within your budget.

Casual, Calm and Relaxed 

Does your mother love outdoor activities? If she is usually calm and collected and prefers a happy go lucky lifestyle, then you should select a flower or flower bouquet for her that carries aspects of wood accents. Here you can go ahead and choose the Green Trick Dianthus. Simple garden and tropical flowers in vivid colors and contrasting bright are also apt. Add in a fruitcake basket with it, and you are all good to go! 

Contemporary and New Age 

She probably is a trendsetter, and in her social group an influencer, loved by most. It is “Type A” personality that is hard working and has a modern outlook. Minimalist in home decor and personal styling, she is all about simple living and high thinking. For her, the best flower type would be the classic Orchids and also the beautiful Bromeliad plants. You can add in modern elements such as the Asian Willow Branches in the bouquet as well.

Mothers are special, priceless and a blessing! Gifting them the best flower bouquet based on dominant personality type would undoubtedly make her feel that you have given thought to the whole process, which itself is a loving gesture. So if you have been planning something on this line, knowing your mother’s personality is an excellent place to start when customizing the best Mother’s Day gift.

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