Monsoon Magic in Delhi: Best Cafes for the Season

With the cool showers of rain, Delhi turns into the best place to meander with your pals. Whether it’s the circles of Connaught Place or the romantic nights at the India Gate, the alleviating air with a shimmer of greenery gives a quite wonderful experience. Now, during the rain, how can one not think about some hot tea or coffee? It’s okay if you don’t want to make one for yourself, and would rather like to be served, for Delhi is brimming with some charming hideouts for rain lovers, who like the idea of enjoying the rainfall while sipping or eating something suitable for the weather. Ready, buddies?

If you are hesitant to book one of those Dubai to Delhi flights due to the fear of getting stuck in the monsoon mess that Delhi is infamous for, here is a consoling list for you. After landing, straight off head to one of these venues to grab that cuppa-coffee, inside, or outside a charming setup. Excited now?

1. Coast Cafe

The huge French windows and a stepping stool brimming with pruned plants add a touch of eccentricity to this place, and so does the awesome Kerala fare. In any case, we realize that chai and fried food is not everybody’s jam. Along these lines, here’s an offer you can’t overlook: Sukha Mutton Fry and Masala Chai Toddy. Yes, you heard that right! The food, the setting, and the staff, everything is a 10 on 10 at the Coast Cafe.

2. Rose Cafe

This sweet minimal pink themed cafe is popular for its Lebanese, Continental, Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. One of the famous bistros in South Delhi with a ruddy pink setting, looks as if it is some life sized dollhouse of a child. This spot is somewhat a bit expensive, yet at the same time worth to visit once. Of course, why miss it on a rainy day!

3. The Potbelly Rooftop Cafe

Bihari food is a turnaround story with this restaurant. What takes the cake is that Potbelly likewise offers a considerable amount of good perspectives while you’re very much secured, both food and ambience wise. Think bright vibes, and taste the grand meat pakoras at this rooftop venue which is a hit amongst the Delhi’s youth, especially during a breezy or rainy day.

4. Kunzum Travel Cafe

At last, a place for tourist and travellers to impart their travel stories and associate to different explorers. You can come here, pick a decent book, or simply eat and meet new individuals. The best thing about the cafe is ‘Pay What You Like’ and you can even stay there and appreciate the artist’s jam in this charming little bistro at Hauz Khas Village. Add some pitter-patter to this entire scene. Do we need to say more?

5. Sakley’s The Mountain Cafe

Somewhat of a social loner in GK, at Sakley’s you can get the authentic feel of chilling at a hill cafe and appreciate the rain. The comfortable atmosphere complete with log tables and a stack will make you need to make this your retirement house.

Amongst the many interesting things to do in Delhi, the cafe scene of the city is the most attractive and alluring aspect, not only for the inhabitants but also for the visitors. Don’t believe us? Try for yourself!

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