Money Saving Tips for Decorating Your Dorm Room

Every fall thousands of young people around the world head off for their first college experience. Part of the college experience is living in a dorm room. Often you have to share your dorm room, which makes personalizing it with decorations a challenge. Hopefully you have had a chance to see what your room looks like and what your space entails.

You will most likely have a bed, a desk, and a dresser. Not a lot to work with, that’s for sure. One place to get some ideas is IKEA. They really are the experts in making a small space work for you and allowing you to express your own personal taste on a budget.

You will need to decide what you want for a bed covering. Depending on where you are going to school, you need a warm comforter and some bright and colorful sheets and pillowcases. If you have had a chance to meet your roommate, you may be able to coordinate with them so your tastes don’t clash. If you have your own private room, you have a lot more scope for personalization.

To make your bed extra homey pick some comfortable throw pillows. These can also work if you want to lounge on the floor. Bringing along a matching throw rug will also warm up the room. These can all be purchased for very little at discount stores or at IKEA. You should be able to find something very colorful and interesting for under $50. arbitrary

Storage is always an issue in a dorm room; pick up some bright storage boxes to hold your extra clothes and shoes. These can fit under your bed or even in your closet or you can turn them into extra seating at the foot of your bed. You can pile some of your throw pillows on top for comfort.

A bright and cheery quilted board to hang over your desk will add a pop of color to your walls as well as giving you a place to hang important notices and a calendar. The top of your desk can be organized with attractive plastic accessories.

Don’t forget to bring a collage of pictures from home. I know, you are thinking I can’t wait to be on my own, but many a college student has found that homesickness gets them within a very short time. Having pictures of Mom and Dad and the rest of the family will make them seem closer. Don’t forget to have a picture of the family dog or cat as well, it is amazing how much you will miss them too.

If you are allowed to paint, consider at least painting your closet door or the inside of the exterior door with your favorite color. You are going to be spending a lot of time in your room, doing homework and sleeping and you want to feel as much at home as possible. Don’t be afraid to bring some things from your room at home, this can be very budget friendly.

You can be crafty and makes some things, or you can go bargain shopping at the local thrift store. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to put your own personal touch on your dorm room. You just want to create a warm and friendly atmosphere that will help you feel at home and help you to make the transition into college life. Use these money saving tips for decorating your dorm room to help you.

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