Money Can’t buy Everything and Some Discover so

Money is needed to make businesses and other areas run effectively. Money is needed for food, clothing, and shelter. Money certainly is important but money can not buy everything. There’s the priceless. Worth more than diamonds and gold. “Can’t put a price tag on a life.” Money can’t buy love despite what some may say. Perhaps money can buy pleasurable experiences but not love. Some may believe that in order to be successful one must be wealthy. Success comes in many forms of course. 

Some are finding out that wealth can not buy the wealthy a place above the rest. They’re unable to use their money to skip the line. Some aren’t humble enough to keep their money. Believing that individuals who have less aren’t worthy. Every life is worthy some may not value certain individuals lives. Placing price tags on love is a mistake. Some may only marry very wealthy individuals and then finding out that they’re so miserable. Love comes from the heart and that’s why love can’t be brought. 

“Money is valuable but money shouldn’t be the only reason to pursue dreams.” There has to be more to the pursuit. A passion and a desire to excel further. There may be a lot of talk about money but money can never be the all. Yes, we should want abundance, even God wants His children to live abundantly. God never intended for any person to be poor. There should be attempts made to produce money but money shouldn’t be the only focus. 

Some spend their lives always trying to obtain money and rarely get an “opportunity” to enjoy the money. There should be prosperity but there shouldn’t be any harsh feelings towards the ones who have less. Some gain and lose to gain again. Some may never gain again because of their attitude on life. Not being humble at all just filled with greed. There should be encouragements to gain but there shouldn’t be any greed involved. There are some that have more than enough and may try to scheme in order to gain more. 

“Yes, individuals should want to be financially stable” but once greed enters for some there’s no turning back. Some have talked their way out of suffering severe consequences because of their money. There’s a saying that says, “Money Talks.” Well appears as though money talks in some way because some have turned the other way because of money which is considered bribery. Some will only seek out relationships which are filled with riches. Not a good idea. 

Some love money more than self. Some may do anything to obtain money and some have put their own flesh and blood down because of money. Their actions can be quite costly. Some losing more and not gaining at all. Trying to use greed as a means to gain and finding out their plans weren’t solid at all. Scheming in order to become wealthy or to just receive more than they had before. Money has ruined many lives. The obsession over the money can cause one to lose their mind and everything as well. 

“Reaching a Level of Prosperity is a Blessing but There’s More to the Puzzle of Life.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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