Mold Busters for your Storage


Moisture and molds in an unventilated home, that’s definitely a no-no! The unpleasant sight and smell of molds in your home can be troublesome to your personal belongings and with your health. The seemingly old wood smell is not something you want to live with.

The scent is too quick to linger on clothes. The awful smell of that seemingly old scent from the cabinet may not be unbearable for some, and worst sometimes the molds may stain your precious clothes or storage too.

Getting a new set of closets may not be a quick remedy as this one is expensive one too.  There are so many ways of dehumidifying storage and hindering that mold to activate especially those that are made from wood.

A quick remedy to avoid the foul smell can be very much available in your home. The lists are something that you can use to get rid of that old antique smell.

  1. Silica gels- it says “Don’t Throw them Away”, remember when you purchase your shoes or bags, these little packets can help  your closet. It absorbs moisture and thus prevents that moldy-scent. You can buy  these desiccants in large packet too.
  2. Charcoal – a known fact that these little briquette  is an anti-odor, a brick may go a long way, but careful on putting these in your cabinet as this can stain your clothes;
  3. Bar of Soap – if you really are in trouble with the foul smell, then the bar of bath soap or a detergent soap can do magic too. Why not store your soaps inside your closet and let it do wonders for you. Plus,you can select the scent that you want for your storage. The stronger the scent, the better. The soap lasts longer too, you don’t have to replace them over and over again.
  4. Fabric softener sheets – the wipe-like sheets are packed in fragrance it definitely releases that flavored scent for your clothes. The material however quickly dries out and that the scent fades out fast.
  5. Electronic dehumidifier – there are widely available dehumidifier that you can use. They are portable appliance that you can fill with scented oils and can do the work for your space. It releases the oils aroma and lets you forget that scent you hate.

There are widely available dehumidifiers, anti-odors or scent-stealer out in the market today.  They are in convenient packs you can just dump it and works magic for you.  Activating molds in your home space is a serious matter, it is not just unpleasant to the senses but  this can cause allergies according to scientific studies., It is always better to get rid of it before it damage your furniture personal belongings or even your family’s health.

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