Modern Document Management – Things You Should Know

Document management is a process. It refers to the way data are stored, located, updated and shared to enable a business or organization to track the progress and see results of its operations.


Modern document management involves software that makes the job easier for the staff involved. This for sure also includes the use of computers and information technology. Modern document management systems revolve around these four common types:


Web Based


Web based Document Management System which is also called Online Document Management System is an electronic document system that is stored and accessed on the internet. It uses the internet browser on each workstation for retrieving documents. This type of document management therefore does not require a client software package to be able to work.


Client Server Based


This is one of the fastest types of document management software. It uses a client package that allows users to customize and refine interfaces and in the process, make possible the development of sophisticated integration. This type is a bit outdated though because it was developed before the advent of web connectivity.


Database Packages


This data management software stores all information in a single database structure such as Oracle or SQL. This process produces strong and sophisticated linkages between workstations. Despite its strength and reliability, it has a downside; it requires users to get a license for the model of the database they use.


Cloud Based Packages


This package is also called hosted document management. Its features are quite similar with web based packages. It operates with the use of software that runs only on the host’s systems. Users of this package can avail of its data management capabilities by way of a link over the internet. Users of cloud based packages store their data in their host’s servers. This data management package requires users to pay a monthly subscription fee for its services.


Each of these four data management package has its own strengths and weaknesses. They can be very useful depending on your location and nature of operation. If you are planning to implement an effective management system for your data, you should know each one well enough before making a decision. A good one should be like the document management solutions Florida managers prefer for their companies. It should have the capability to provide data security and accessibility, a valid license, and value. These will certainly lead you to the most appropriate one for your business.


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