Mineral Makeup: Types of Makeup Brushes

Mineral Makeup

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To be a true makeup aficionado, or at least look like you are, you have to have the right tools. The right tools make all the difference between a mediocre application and a flawless, near perfect application. Here are some essentials to add to your mineral makeup kit.

Kabuki Brush

The kabuki brush makes applying mineral foundation as well as powder, blush and bronzer a cinch! It is the biggest factor in the “swirl, tap, apply” mineral makeup technique.

Concealer Brush

Using a concealer brush ensures that you will get a nice, smooth application that will hide problem areas. Using a brush helps the concealer hold, not cake or slide off throughout the day.

Eye Shadow Brush

A shadow brush let’s you get into the contours of the eyes with ease. It also eases pressure that applying with a finger would put on delicate tissue around the eyes.

Liner Brush

This angled brush allows for precise and perfect application of eyeliner. They are often angled so it is easier for the user to get right in to the lash line.

Lip Brush

These tiny brushes deposit the right amount of color to the lips, without gunky coverage you might get when applying directly from a tube. It also uses less product so your lip colors will last longer.

If you absolutely had to choose one brush for mineral makeup application, invest in a good kabuki brush if nothing else. This brush will swirl and blend your makeup so it looks stunning and faultless each time you use it.

Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Like anything else, your brushes will need some TLC to survive daily usage. If you take care of them properly they should last for a decent amount of time. Here are some brush care tips to follow through with on a weekly, if not daily basis.

After each use, wipe off excess makeup with a soft cloth. When cleansing, you can use either a makeup brush cleaner or even your favorite shampoo. Lather and rinse brushes out gently and thoroughly with warm water. Towel dry brushes, moving in one direction. This will ensure brushes will bounce back to their original shape. Lay the brushes on the towel overnight to dry.

Two things that cannot be stressed enough during application is layering and blending! It is the ultimate key to the Pandora’s box of makeup application tricks and tips. Layering prevents caking and also prevents you from using too much product that can result in products settling in an unflattering way into fine lines and other crevices. So layer!

Blending ensures that all products run together in a cohesive manner. If you don’t blend you run the risk of looking clownish or having distinct lines of color all over your face. Do not worry about over blending. You can always apply another layer later!

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