Microwave Myths or Facts?


Do you own a microwave oven?

Almost every household has at least a few kitchen appliances that help to speedup food preparation and serves delicious food at the touch of simple buttons.

One of the most well sought appliance is the microwave oven, either with or without the grills for roasting purpose.

However, there microwave myths that I had heard over the radio that microwave oven is not safe and may pose danger to our health. 

Is it true or just an old wive tales microwave myths to scare us off?

Check these microwave frequently asked questions and let me know your opinion.


  • Microwave ovens are dangerous

Microwaves are safe to use as long as you follow the manual guidelines and instructions how to use it.

Most microwave ovens have to heat up at the highest temperature for ten minutes without any food in order to warm up the oven for the first time.

You may smell metal rods burning smell which is normal. Just remember not to stand near it and don’t cover it with any cloths or put anything on top of the roof.

Check regularly for the rubber seals whether they are intact, clean up the interior after each heat up and wipe the exterior with damp cloth.

Be careful when removing the heat up food that is covered.

Use a pair of mittens to lift up the lid to avoid scalds from the hot steam. Never use your bare hands!


  • Microwave food gets hotter once you take it out.

Once you had turn off the oven, the micro waves had ceased moving around the oven.

Hence the food will start to cool off immediately once you take it out.

Although you may see the food is still bubbling or bouncing when it is taken out, let it stand for a few minutes to reduce the temperature.

Food is still hot, be careful not to scald your tongue.


  • Microwave oven cook from inside out

Microwaves penetrate only a fraction into the food.

The heating up surrounding in the oven heats up the food. Just as you are steaming food in a steamer. 


My microwave ovens

I did had two microwave ovens, the older oven ( Faber )  wad attached with a small fluorescent tube to do the heating up.

After several years, the tube emitted a foul odor that I could smell from the heated up food.

That oven became faulty, gas emits from the tube which means I either had to change the tube or the microwave. I chose the microwave.

The second microwave oven that I bought was Electrolux brand with the Inverter technology, saves energy but still delivers hot delicious food

It uses less electricity which means I saved money on the electricity bill. 

So, do you think these are facts or myths ? What do you think?


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