Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite Brings Security to All Devices

Security is absolutely essential to companies today. The problem, however, is that the workforce today is very mobile, so they need easy access to that data while ensuring it remains secure. It’s a balancing act that’s difficult for even the best IT departments, but one that has become a must. Keep in mind that every employee doesn’t always understand the security threats out there – unapproved apps, unsecured devices, Wi-Fi that remains questionable, and even uninstalled updates. They’re all a problem for your company, but Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite has taken it to the heart to address that problem.

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What Is It?

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite combines four other Microsoft cloud platforms. Azure Active Directory Premium offers you identity rights management; Microsoft Intune means mobile application management; Azure Rights Management means to document and data security; Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics means it’s easier than ever to identify any suspicious activity whether from a user or a device. The strategy at roll-out was that many companies were seeing an increased number of mobile devices used for work while seeing a real rise in SaaS apps being put to work. For most companies, that means traditional device management isn’t the focus. Instead, it’s user management, and that needs to be addressed in a very different manner. The Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) was born, and it’s a very attractive solution for many companies. It means a chance to manage apps through single sign-on technology, as well as the ability to manage identities and access to those apps a company uses that are cloud-based. Moreover, it helps to monitor and protect access to a given company’s applications, and it means good things for users, too. It offers a fairly consistent experience, no matter what platform a user needs.

The Real Benefits

There are many benefits to this system. One of the biggest, naturally, is security. EMS can identify threats before they create a productivity problem in your business, and given the number of security breaches that have happened in the past few years, that’s a must, no matter what vertical you’re in. It helps to encrypt files and data so access is only granted to those who really need it. There’s more than that, though. It also means a user experience that is almost seamless. From connecting to on-site data to deploying single sign-on for apps no matter what device a user is on, it’s the perfect solution for companies that have employees who often aren’t in a single location or working from a single device. It’s also easy on the budget. Because it’s a comprehensive solution, it means access to a variety of products for a single monthly fee. It’s typically cheaper than deploying a variety of solutions that do the same thing in separate packages. Maybe the biggest benefit, though, is that it just works from the moment you deploy it. Not all options can offer that benefit, but EMS absolutely does.

If you’re looking for a way to manage all of your users and your devices, Enterprise Mobility Suite is absolutely the way to handle it.

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