Meditation When They try to Create Stress

We’re in those times when there’s battle after battle. We simply can’t fight with flesh. Battling occurs in a spiritual sense. When others are thinking that they’re using their so called weapons. The prayer worriors will be praying while the enemy is trying to come up with another attack. Sometimes we forget about the tools that are given to us and try to battle without the armor. Not the way. 

When we remove “The Armor of God” we become vulnerable and can be easily knocked down. We all know that there has and will be a battle between good and evil. The need to have power. It doesn’t mattet if the one they’re trying to fight is off doing something else. The attacks will keep coming. We can sit somewhere with the shield on and pray through the war. Somethings are just too time consuming and not worth the time to even bother with. 

If we’re on assignment or on a mission. “The attacks will come anyway. If God granted us the Full Armor” then we certainly should keep that armor on and go about our business. We shouldn’t become weary from doing good. The ones who think they’re doing good but are creating chaos are making mistakes. Of course if they have no faith and don’t believe that the God in Heaven exist then of course they’ll carry on. 

That’s why it’s important that we stay in constant prayer. Praying is a way to generate peace and to stop the attacks. Of course the attacks can cease and come back up again. We simply don’t have to fight every battle. Sometimes ignoring the enemies will keep the enemies moving along. Some will work extra hard to try to gain what they’ve perceived as a “Gift From God.” In order to gain the gift they’ll try to wear the gifted ones down. As long as the Armor is stays on there will be no “prospering” of the arrows that are sent out. 

We must remain patient and stay encouraged. There will be times where we feel as if the madness won’t end but trials cease. Trouble won’t stay with us always. Joy certainly comes in the morning. Allowing those thoughts to flow in a peaceful manner will help us deal with the irritations that try to make their way into beautiful days. Sometimes its not the enemy but regular people behaving like donkeys in order to get their way. 

To be on top. To be first and be superior. Some are unable to tolerate who is in a position that they’re qualified to be in. In order to stop what’s taking place. The attacks or what are perceived as attacks will come. We don’t have to concern ourselves with every little rumble that comes rumbling. Sometimes just letting the storm pass ovet is enough. Some are never satisfied anyway so they will try to spoil a person’s day. 

Doesn’t make sense to take on other people’s stress. We don’t have to deal with everything and we certainly don’t have to deal with things on our own. Too much pressure then we should pray. Heavy loads of stress. Pray, meditate, and praise. The world is quite chaotic. Even the ones who we may think won’t be on attack will. 

“Every Battle Isn’t our Battle” (Tanikka Paulk) 

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