What do you mean by CHANGE?

Winter Season is taking dive in Pakistan but the political situation is still hot as fire. Everybody is talking about Change, Revolution(Inqalaab), Freedom(Azadi) etc but what they all really mean to you?

What do you mean by CHANGE?

What do you expect from Revolution?

What do you think of Freedom?

Majority of the people in Pakistan would not have a clue about them. They are tired of getting fooled by their politicians. The words “hypocrite“,”liar” and “dishonest” are not new in Pakistani Politics. Anyway lets talk about how these politicians fool their people. There are  2 major political parties that came into power. I will discuss what they are famous for right now.

 Azadi March, Inqalaab March, Pakistan change


They call themselves the real successor of All India Muslim League but the reality is opposite. All they did for Pakistan is  making roads, building highways & underpasses, expensive danish schools, running metro buses and selling breads for cheap price. They take full credit of these things and often brag about it too.

After getting kicked out of government twice, they did not any learn lesson. Right now, there is the same Prime Minister with the same ministers when Musharraf took over their government. Their actions and way of thinking is also the same as before. I don’t know whether they are too stupid or they just want to be become political martyr again.



Gone are the days when there were leaders like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. Now there are only those people remaining in the party who want to take advantage of past sacrifices. They are counting on the vote of condolence from people just like General Election 2008. While I don’t think people are stupid enough to fall for it again. Media is free and they have made them fully aware of past and present.


Giving away laptops or selling cheap breads is what you call progress? Of course none of them means we are progressing. So what are the fundamental and necessary steps that any govt should take?

I would say the first job of any non-corrupt and sincere govt should be strengthening institutions. It can be done by taking following steps:

  • Depoliticizing the institutions.
  • Eliminating nepotism.
  • Employing people on merit basis.
  • Putting right people in the right position. Not like somebody from agriculture should be working in cultural department.

I bet you will see the progress within few days if this happens.


Long Term Thinking

People in Pakistan are very short sighted. They don’t care about the long term results, they look for the short term benefits only. We wake up and think of the present day only, we ignore whether we will be in the same situation after an year or we want to improve it

Give a man fish, he will survive for a day.

Teach him how to fish and he will survive forever.

 I hope you understood what I was trying to say.

 Image Credits goes to SohrabZia

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