Massive List of Ways to Earn Money with Your Smartphone!

Ever since I discovered Clashot while looking through my Facebook newsfeed on my iPhone, I’ve been fascinated with the ways you can make and earn money with your smartphone. I just got an iPhone a little over a month ago so I love discovering new apps that are useful to me.  I’m not really into games but I love apps that help productivity and I’m learning that I can make money while waiting in line or sitting in the doctor’s office or watching TV at night.  It’s very cool stuff!

I thought I would share some of the apps that I’ve discovered with you. I haven’t tried all of these apps but I plan to and I’ll come back here and talk about my experiences with them as I use them so you might want to bookmark this page.

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IMG_0532[1]#1 Clashot

As, I mentioned, this is the first app I discovered that you can make money with.  Clashot is a digital photo app where people can buy photos that they can use on their websites.  They buy one time rights and the original copyright remains with the owner of the photograph.  Photograph licenses can be bought over and over again.

Where do you come in? You simply take pictures of stuff that interests you – flowers, animal, scenery, wildlife – almost anything goes – and upload it via your smartphone.  It will be approved shortly after being uploaded and then it becomes available for sale in the Clashdot store online and through the app.  The photographs are also available on and you will also earn money if people buy your photos there.  You can also earn money if an “expert” likes your photos.  And if someone buys an extended license of your photo you can earn as much as $30 or more!

IMG_2275[1]I’ve found the app very easy to use and I’ve sold several photos.  Friends I have recommended have sold photos fairly quickly and had experts like their photos.  Payout is through PayPal or Skrill (moneybookers) after you have earned a minimum of $3. I’m not quite there yet but when I am I will take a screencapture of my payment and come and post it here.

Search for Clashot in the iPhone app store or Android app store.

Update: I’ve been using this app sporadically for awhile now and still haven’t hit payout.  There have been a few changes, one of which is that not all pics are accepted for sale.  In order to have pics that are accepted for sale they have to be a larger size and they need to be of fairly decent quality.  I still think it is worth using if you take a lot of pictures, though.  I’m currently at $2.02 earning.

**Note: for the rest of this article I may not link to the actual app but rather to the articles where I found the list of apps.  I think this will be much easier to follow. If there is not a whole article I’ll link to the app.**

#2-16 15 iPhone Apps That Pay (and some Android)

I found this awesome infographic that lays it all out for you!  Wow – these are pretty awesome.  I’m going to share the infographic for now.  Once I have tried each app, I’ll come back and report on my experience.

#2 – Surveys on the Go – I couldn’t find this app in the store so I am downloading J. D. Power Survey, which is by the same company.  It is the same concept. Do surveys on your phone, get paid. You can cash out via PayPal when you reach $8.

#3 – Gigwalks – I downloaded this and I’m a little disappointed that all the gigs are in the US.  So, US people, let me know if you try this and what you think of it.  Leave a comment and I’ll update it here.

appredeem#7 – AppTrailers  – I have been trying this one out and I do like this one.  You just watch trailers for apps (kind of like trailers for movies) – pretty simple.  You get 25 points for each trailer you watch and you can get gift cards or you can cashout with PayPal when you hit 500 points (which is equal to 50 cents).  Ok, you won’t get rich doing this but you can have the trailers run as you are doing other things so it is not bad and pretty easy to get points.  I actually cashed out on this the first day I tried it and I got the money in my PayPal account today (first time takes a bit longer). See proof of payment —>

Apps that pay you

 (click on the infographic to make it bigger)


IMG_0534[1]#17 Perk Pop Quiz

Are you a quiz freak?  Love trivia?  Then this app is for you.  Just answer quizzes and trivia questions and you earn points.  You can trade those points in for gift cards from Amazon and other stores and then buy stuff. You get 100 points just for signing up with Facebook.

I downloaded this app and it is really easy to understand.  I got my points for signing up with Facebook and then did a quick quiz just to try it out.  I did the Hunger Games and got a few points in about 30 seconds.  I can see this getting addicting!

Update: I’ve been playing this for a few days now and the points don’t rack up super fast but it is a fun way to kill time and know that you’re going to get some kind of reward.

**Note: link is goes to my referral link on Facebook – use if you like or when you download the app you can use referral code 106c3e2e; otherwise search for Perk Pop Quiz on the app store.

#18 Wickets

If you like to be social and make recommendations on products this is an easy app to use.  I’ll be trying this one for sure.  You just vote up products and brands that you like. Simple hey? Vote up enough products and you can get an Amazon gift card.

#19 Jingit

If you don’t mind sharing a bit of advertising space, you might want to try this app.  You sign up with Facebook and let advertisers place ads on your profile.  It’s like monetizing your blog or something.  I might give this one a try.  I need to look into it a bit more.  Will report back.

#20 FeaturePoints

This one looks very interesting. You get paid for trying out new apps.  Will for sure try this one.  Possible concern – you may have to register for stuff.  I’ll see what happens.  But you can also refer friends and get points (I will add my referral link later but I’ll let you know so you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to).  You can earn points and cash out with a PayPal  gift card or Amazon or iTunes.

#21 Bamboo Wallet

You can do different things with this app.  Download other apps, like Facebook Pages, watch videos, or sign up for offers.  You get points which you can cash out for Amazon, eBay, or iTunes gift cards.  I kind of like the idea of getting some eBay gift cards as I like to buy through them.  Didn’t even know they existed actually!

#22 Peko

Play games against other users and earn. Sign up through Facebook. It’s been compared to Candy Crush.  I don’t have a lot to say about this one yet but it is one I’ll be checking out for sure so I wanted to mention it.

Update: I’ve downloaded this one but I haven’t been able to figure it out yet!  It’s a little bit hard to figure out.  Will try again when I have some more time.

#23 BonzoMe

This is another app that you can make money with by adding pictures.  It’s not my favorite app because you have to develop a network and get friends in your network and so far I haven’t been really great at that.  But you do get credit for views from other people too if they view on the app.  It has potential and I think that if you’re good at getting people to join your network.  You can also earn money by viewing sponsored content videos.  I’m at $2.78 earnings so far. The minimum payout is $10

#24 Qriket

This is likely one of my favorites.  Its easy and simple and I usually do it from my phone while I’m in bed.  The deal is, you look at ads or watch a video in exchange for a spin.  Once you’ve accumulated some spins you spin a wheel, choosing a blue or yellow color.  You can win anywhere from 5 cents and up per spin.  Doesn’t get much easier than that.  Payout is $5 and I’ve already cashed out to PayPal once and am half way to my next payout now.  It’s really a simple little app that lets you make some money by doing very little.

#25 Tsu

Tsu is actually both a site and an app.  You can use either of them to make money by posting pictures and status updates, just like you do on Facebook. In fact, it is almost exactly like Facebook, except that they share their revenue with users.  You’re not going to get rich doing this but you can earn.  One of the keys is to get people to join your network, because you make money from them, too.  Build your network and you’ll earn more.  Next, friend/follow people that share stuff you like.  Finally – share stuff.  You’re only supposed to share stuff you own so don’t go crazy with the memes but  you can use it just the same way that you use Instagram or Twitter.  When people share/like your posts, you earn money.  If you like and share other people’s posts they will do the same for you. You can use hashtags, too, to help your stuff get found, just like on any other social network.  Payout is $100 though so it can take awhile to build up.  You have to be invited by someone to join so here’s your invitation from me.

IMG_2277[1]#26 Loot

I just started using this one but I do like it.  You can tweet things, share messages on Facebook, take pictures, try out apps, and more.  Each task pays from 5 cents and up. Pictures tend to pay more. It’s usually things like “Take a picture of yourself beside the movie poster when you go to see this movie.”  You upload it and get money credited to your account.  The payout is $10.  I haven’t done a lot of pictures yet so I’m just not quite at $3 yet. But it is fun and I check it out a couple times a week to see if there are new ways to earn money.

#27 LegerWeb

I used to work for this company!  That was a long time ago though and now that I don’t work for them, I can do surveys for them and get paid.  You can get email and do surveys online or you can get the app and do surveys on your phone.  I do both.  I’ve been paid by them before and there’s a wide variety of surveys to choose from – depending on your demographics of course.  


If you have a smartphone there’s no reason you shouldn’t use it to make a bit of money or earn some gift cards.  Some people do this kind of thing a lot and earn a substantial amount of money. Others just have fun with it but can earn enough money to pay their cell phone bill.  I think that will be my first goal. Whatever your reason might be you can earn money with your smartphone!

So, as you see, most of these are just summaries but I do intend to actually try out as many of these as I can and come back here to let you know what is going on with these apps and whether they are legit or worth your time.

And I do have more to add.  I haven’t even added my shopping/coupon apps yet!

(Top photo via Pixabay)

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