Marketing tips for electronic business part 2

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In previous article, I discussed the tips for growing your e – business based on customer reach. It explained marketing tips for direct and indirect marketing businesses.

Now, here I classify electronic businesses based on their structure. Some are fully electronic based and some are partly electronic based. An obvious example of category 1 is: while for category 2, we have: Barnes and

Fully online

Look at the case of Amazon. They are 100% online and don’t have any warehouse anywhere else. They have only 1 medium to market themselves – the internet.

So, you have decided to setup a fully online e – business portal. How you shall market it? What obvious strategies are expected from you here?

Content is the boss

Please understand a very fundamental fact. You have only 1 medium to survive – the internet. You exist due to internet, you will die if the internet is no more. This is the biggest challenge you face.

So, you need optimized SEO today. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is also known as keyword marketing tool. Discussion on SEO is beyond the scope of this article.

But, 1 thing is obvious – create as many content as possible. More pages you have, better you can market them. Your prospects shall have more opportunities to find you in search engines. Accordingly, you will get around a million unique visitors a day. More visitors means more traffic and more traffic enables better word of mouth marketing. To improvise upon this, you can have your own blog as well.

Negligible load time

As already mentioned, you are dead outside internet. You need a website to run your business and you need a growing customer base for keeping the website live.

Do not waste much time improvising on website design. The best of design is often heavier to load. Rather, focus on content and page response time. Once clicked, let the website load in seconds in even a slow dial up connection. Your customers shall have more time for going through the website and understanding all the features in detail.

Websites like Amazon can turn to be excellent marketing guide for your electronic business website.

Partially online website

Now, I move on to partially online electronic business say the Barnes and Noble website. Such ebiz websites not only have a physical presence but also a virtual online presence. They have a remarkable advantage over fully online websites like Amazon. They still survive even if internet fails.

Here, the marketing strategy is dependent on how is online sales marketed and how are physical stores marketed

Online strategy

The most important tool here is: Contact and communications. Please ensure that you have a call us / email us button which can help users to interact with the website. If possible, having a Live Chat will be beneficial.

Keep more discount coupons wherever possible.

In store sales

Have both the systems linked. If you see book details on barnes and nobles, the website has the option – whether the book is available in stores. You also have the option to reserve the copy in your local stores.

It doesn’t matter, what medium you choose. What matters is – how you present yourself in this widely changing business scenario.

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