Marble Worktops: Great Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

Marble has been a perennial favourite of architects, interior designers and builders due to its exotic looks and textures. Of late, many natural as well as man-made materials have come up as alternatives to it. But let us face it, there is something traditional and classy about marble and that is why a lot of people want their homes furnished in marble. Also, there are various exotic varieties of marble that are known for their unique hues and qualities and are now gaining even more popularity in the market. Let us have a look at a few recent trends in kitchen development, especially focusing on various types of marbles.

Bianco Carrara marble worktops

This recent interest in more exotic forms of marble kitchen worktops also has to do with the fact that themed kitchens are becoming very popular. People have their kitchens, in fact their entire homes, developed adhering to a particular theme. As a result, one has to be very particular about the colour and texture of the additional materials they use. This is the reason why various new types of materials, either natural or artificial, are becoming popular nowadays keeping both aesthetic and utilitarian aspects in mind.

A marble worktop has always been an affordable luxury. There was a time when it used to be restricted only to royalty but during the last few decades and due to technological advances when it comes to sourcing these stone, marble is more easily available.

If not for their entire home, many people still prefer marble when it comes to worktops and splashbacks. Similarly, it also works well if you want to set up a small bar at your home to serve your friends and family.

However, it should be noted that there are a few precautions that should be taken while using marbles in the kitchens.

  • Firstly, marble is not as hard and durable as some other options such as granite. It is used majorly because of its classy looks but one has to be very careful while working in the kitchen so as not to damage it.
  • Secondly, it also has a porous surface. This means that it generally soaks in liquid material such as spilt coffee, tea, ketchups, gravy and juices very easily. The result of it is that the original colour and texture of the marble is quickly lost and there goes all the charm and beauty you associate with it. Thankfully, modern variants are doing well to improvise on these aspects and come up with more durable and resilient surfaces that last long and justify your investment.

If you do have any doubts about the ability of marble to withstand the test of time, do note that some of the best known monuments such as the Taj Mahal and Michelangelo’s Pieta are made in marble. It is true that they can be affected by the adverse conditions in a kitchen but a bit of maintenance and the initial choice of premium material should ensure that marble kitchen worktop lasts longer.

Here are a few ideas you can consider to make your kitchen look beautiful:  

Carrara for a White Base with a Slight Grey to Bluish Tinge

Blue is the colour of royalty. A touch of grey always lends a touch of class and finesse to a home. So, you can consider Carrara marble worktop in order to add a classic white base with grey veins to the whole look of your kitchen.

Blue Jeans Marble

Carrara Marble is one of the most popular building materials which are available in the marketplace. The marble is highly sought after for its greyish blue or white hue. Carrara has already been used all over the world for several major constructions. You can probably use it against a white wall to work up a contrast and then use a similar colour theme for the cabinets and shelves as well.

Go White for a Pristine Look

Although Carrara is known for its grey veins, its background is white. white marble worktops are one of the classic options that never fail to give any space such as a  kitchen a facelift. They reflect light in a better manner and brighten up the whole place. You may also paint the rest of the kitchen in contrasting colours   to come up with a brighter and dual-hued kitchen. If you prefer whiter variants of marble worktops, then options such as Bianco Carrara and Dramatic Carrara can be considered.

Calacatta Carrara Bianco

Although Bianco means white in Italian, actually this variant has a slightly greyish tinge. You can use it in contrast with pure white Carrara or even mix it up with blue ones. The choice is yours but rest assured that quality material will be durable enough to withstand your daily chores in the kitchen. Also, if you are looking to source under a budget, do note that Bianca Carrara is less expensive as compared to other versions of Carrara.

Go Dramatic

The Dramatic Carraras are named so because they do lend a very dramatic impact to your decor.  Its variants include The Arabescato and Cipollino. The first one is named so because of the unique grey veins inside it. The other one is named after a type of onion as the greenish gray texture looks like a cross section of that onion.

Arabescato Alpino

As you might have guessed already, these are some very unique textures that can lend a spectacular twist to your decor. However, you will have to plan the rest of your kitchen to match with the same by carefully choosing the colour palette and materials.

Have a Safe Home with Calacatta Marble

Calacatta marble tiles generally find a lot of usage in bathroom floors. The reason being they have a non-slippery surface that makes them safer for the bathrooms. However, the same qualities can also be useful in the kitchens as this is also a place where people move around a lot and may end up spilling things at times. . That is why of late, some users are beginning to consider this for kitchens as well.

Interestingly, Calacatta also originates from Italy and some of them may come from the quarries of Carrara but they must not be confused with Carrara Marbles. Calacatta is distinguishable because of its larger and more prominent greyish veins over the surface. This is what also makes it an asset for interior decorators because they can come up with some dramatic effects on the walls, floors and other surfaces using these marbles.

Some Additional Ideas

Overall, marble slabs can go a long way in lending a signature look to your home. But you can further enhance these with various other additions. For instance, you can consider adding a few houseplants to go well with the sleek surfaces. The green of the plants creates a great contrast with white, grey or bluish marbles. It is a much more natural and healthier way of adding more colours to the space instead of just using paint.

If you have a small space in the kitchen, you can consider spreading the top in the shape of a U or even a square with a small outlet. This will give you a lot of space to work on while you will also be able to put your plants or whatever decorative element you want in the middle and it will still be visible from all sides.

So, we can say that quality marbles can help you achieve excellent decor and at the same time they are also more durable than most other materials. Choose MKW Surfaces to be your quality marble supplier in London.

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