How Many Volts of Electricity Are Lethal for You?

So, how many volts can kill you right away?


An Electric Light Bulb

When it comes to considering how many volts of electricity are lethal for you, there are things that you need to know. First thing is that it’s not actually the volts that can kill you; it’s the amps. As a matter of fact, it only takes 50mA reaching through your heart to kill you. Given the right conditions, there is also enough in a 9 volt battery that can kill you. True, it is the voltage that pushes the current right through you. The higher the voltage is, the easier electricity flows through your body.

Resistance of your body plays a vital factor here too. For example, if you touch even a 9 volt battery using your dry finger, perhaps you will not really feel anything. However, the situation may be different when you touch the same battery with your wet finger. You will feel an immediate current flow, thus feeling a tingling sensation.

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 Understanding the Process

As previously mentioned, on the point of identifying how many volts of electricity can kill you, it is not actually the amount of current that can actually kill you, because there are a lot of factors that also needs to be considered. This includes:

  • identifying how dry your hands is
  • how healthy you are, whether you are fit
  • whether you are wearing shoes with leather soles.

Given the right conditions, you would not even feel even 50 volts. However, if you have a weak heart, or use a pacemaker, then 50 volts can give you that nasty sensation that can be potentially dangerous.

The worst situation that you can have here is when the connections of the electricity push the current to your heart. This is the reason why electricians who are looking the possibility of coming in contact with high voltage often uses one hand inside their pocket while wearing shoes with rubber soles. This is one of the safest things to do if you are also stuck outside in a thunderstorm. It is advised to crouch down while you are standing on one foot.

Going back to the question on how many volts of electricity are lethal for you, 50mA is already enough to kill a human being. As mentioned, there are factors that need to be considered in this regard, including the person’s physical makeup, condition, size, age, health state, and many more. All of these factors have a bearing on the result of coming in direct contact with electricity. At the same time, conditions in the environment are also vital in determining the easy of current flow through the body. If a person stands on a wet floor barefooted, the ‘ground’ is easier, and may produce fatal results.

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