Managing security in your electronic business website

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Electronic commerce is indeed the most lucrative mode of internet business. The biggest concern governing E – Business website is data security. Thousands signup daily and make purchases. Since, trade worth millions of dollars is involved on daily basis, data security is a critical aspect and with hackers increasing almost everyday, security becomes the most important concern.

The assumption

Generally, electronic commerce managers host their own websites. In that case, they have to buy a security feature. This feature is usually costly. Since, this increases cost, it becomes difficult to achieve breakeven.

A simple way is to signup on other e – business websites like ebay, amazon as a seller and sell your own stuff. There are 3 major limitations and those include

– You have the fear of losing your account anytime

– You have to lose a considerable portion of your revenue as a commission

– You do not have the customization and the freedom as you have on your own website

So, there is a tradeoff.

If you host your own website, then you have to wait for longer period of time to achieve breakeven while if you register on other established websites, you have other risks associated with it.

This article actually deals with “You hosting your own website for electronic business.”

If you register on other websites, that is beyond the scope of this article. So, here are some fundamental tips to make your e – commerce website secure.

The Letter S

Websites usually start with the Hyper Text protocol http://

This itself is the biggest risk to user security. When you purchase security features like SSL / TLS / Encryption algorithm, the protocol changes to https://

That is, an additional letter “s” is appended to the protocol. That is must have today if you want to run an electronic business website. You need a signup form and login screen to enable electronic commerce paradigm.

It is recommended to change the file transfer protocol ftp:// as well to ftps://

Firewall and VPN to the rescue

Firewalls play important role in saving you from hackers outside. They hide your website from the evil eyes of spammers and hackers. There are several firewalls in the marketplace today which can be seen as and when required.

A good alternative to the Firewall is the Virtual Private Network. It is a private network which separates your websites from outsiders. It is generally cheaper than the firewall.


Having updated software reduces the risk of vulnerabilities.

Additionally, it is also recommended to use an antivirus with automatic updation enabled. This will prevent suspicious scripts from executing. There are some scripts like CGI, Php etc. which you may not use everytime. Try disabling them to prevent hackers from using them in first place.

Password management

Have a strong password while login to your Website Control Panel.

Passwords like !l0vemyc0mpu7er are more difficult to be hacked than ilovemycomputer.

The final step

It is always recommended to backup everything. For more details, you can visit here.

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