How to Manage Change?

Whether you are in a small-sized firm, medium-sized or large-sized firm, managing every type of change is the most imperative thing, which every manager has to deal with regardless of the size and nature of the organization.

Regardless of how old, new or experienced managers might be, they must be prepared to deal with both the requirement for change and the opportunity to create a change.

However, managing a change or various changes is not a simply but indeed a challenging task due to the resistibility of people towards change. Therefore, all the managers must search for efficient  ways in order to the acceptance of employees acceptance of change in order to implement it effectively. In order to gain acceptance, it is helpful for managers to create certain “smaller wins.” For instance, the managers might devise the change in one smaller area and make it successful. This success then makes the change legitimate in the eyes of the employees. Two of the major reasons of change that managers should address include new technology and globalization.

Today, no manager can overlook the impact of technology and the way it affects the jobs and firms. Technological developments usually compel managers to make changes— whether they want to or not. The Internet is a case in point. The Internet has had wide effects on how managers conduct their jobs.

The innovation of new technology can actually result in the development of new products, as well as, new processes for accomplishing tasks. The Internet has created many opportunities to market products differently, to reach distant markets, and to communicate internally and externally in more effective ways. And, some of the technologies developed to use the Internet in more and effective ways have led to the development of complementary technologies and products, such as Apple’s iPod and iPad. Thus, the World Wide Web has offered various opportunities for managers. Till date, managers must figure out these opportunities and look for ways to exploit them. If they do not, their competitors are likely to do so and take market share from them. Essentially, the development of new technologies has increased the speed of change, the flow of information, the competitive reach into international markets, and the amount of competition in all markets.

The consistent development and innovation of new technologies and information about them has focused on the significance of knowledge and increased the significance of human capital.

Devise the right way to change, which could bring all the different to your organization.

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