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Nothing seems more enchanting than the business of ebook marketing. We all have knowledge of certain element which we find worth sharing. We should make ebooks and sell it to the marketplace.

The best benefit of ebook marketing is that there is no inventory and hence no inventory carrying cost. Since, there is no inventory, there is no fear of getting stocked out. 1 ebook can be sold to infinite people at a same time. Let us look at it in more details.

Here are simple steps to prepare and sell the ebook.

Finding the right niche

The necessary step is selecting a niche. It is to be noted that certain niche sell better than others. For example, niche like mystery, crime etc. are more readable than general science books. Fiction books are more appealing to the masses and self improvement ebooks are widely applicable.

But merely selecting a niche just to build more customers and hence gaining more revenue is not an intelligent step. This is a highly quality intensive mode. If the content is not interesting, then probably it is of no use. You need to find out what niche you can offer to the end customer and how you manage being a good writer in that niche.

To know about your passion, please visit my SWOT analysis post. Once you have done your SWOT analysis and know your passion, you can then find a way to draft out the content so that it makes the first sale.

Finding out the channel

You have selected the niche and drafted the content of your ebook. Now, the challenge is to market it in the right manner.

The first step is to make it visible. There are 2 modes.

1. Via self published mode

2. Via 3rd party mode

Self published mode includes publishing ebooks and selling via personal websites / blogs etc.

In 3rd party mode, we need to host the ebook on 3rd party hosting provider like Amazon Kindle OR Lulu. They will market it and we shall earn accordingly.

The limitation with self published mode is that you first need a significant returning traffic for your website and only then you can expect some sales.

While with 3rd party ebook hosting, they do the marketing and you have to pay them commission for that. Further, you run the risk of getting blacklisted all of a sudden.

You can select whichever mode you feel like based on your wish and past experience.

Using to market your ebook.


Easier said than done. While the market is lucrative, it is quite time consuming as well. If you need money tomorrow and decide to start writing the ebook today, you will probably never achieve your goal. Not even the best of writers managed to write ebooks in just a day. The market has huge potential and is currently in growing stage.

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