Making High Speed Rail A Viable Solution

High speed trains should have been a fixture in the United States years ago. Now that the government has been offering more incentives for this purpose, there is no reason not to do so. The United States is the only highly civilized country that has no high speed trains. The reasons for this are political and corporate in nature. The low-level hostility between Amtrak staff and passengers trickles right on up through the channels of governmental and corporate entities.

Apparently big business does not want to deal with Amtrak because the profit margins are not nearly big enough. State lines with individual taxes and laws might be a problem; more of a problem though is infrastructure costs. Proper tracks for high speed trains are a major investment that no one wants to spring for.

High speed trains themselves are an enormous cost. If Dick Cheney’s Halliburton had been in the train business, Republicans would have been very efficient cheerleaders for such an enterprise; and this fair country would be slathered with train tracks.

Wild animals and birds have already been decimated by the quality of the air, water, and earth. People have been impacted as well, as proven by the rise in diseases such as autism, multiple sclerosis, and new cancers and diseases. The Earth is not as healthy as it once was. The only remedy is to go as green as possible and energy-efficient, green, high speed trains could be a shining example of this fact.

Actually, in view of the theft of Native land and resources in this country, Native Americans are probably the only logical peoples to run the railroad system. In view of the ongoing theft, desecration, and destruction of all forms of Native life, the whole railroad system should be ceded to the Native Peoples. Many tribes could benefit, but of course that would defeat the purpose so carefully laid out by the founding fathers – freedom for everyone but Indians.

It is all part of one big messy collapsed government type of deal. The United States was founded on some very bad karma. It has never been admitted or referenced by the government, the killing sprees and the greed. Such a foundation of corruption is a fragile thing. When you teach the children that the United States was founded on principles of fairness and equality, that is not really the truth. Reverse some of the damage and return the land to its rightful keepers, hence creating a viable solution for many issues. Jobs would be created, high speed rail would be a fact, and dialogue about a very touchy subject could be resumed rather than ignored as it has been.

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