Makeup Tips that Even Your Man May Not Hate

If you ask most men, they will tell you that they prefer their women without makeup or they will say they don’t like a lot of makeup on their woman. This is actually a nice compliment. This means that they think that their woman is beautiful the way she is. However, most women want to wear a little makeup. They want to play up their best features and they want to downplay what they consider their worst features. They may even trick some men into thinking that they aren’t wearing any makeup.

First, let’s consider the eyes. This is an area that many women love to go overboard on with the eye-shadows, the liners and the mascaras. Many women know how to achieve some dramatic and sexy eye looks. However, some men don’t like these looks. This is when it is time to start toning down the applications and the colors. This can be done by switching to a medium brown matte type shadow on your lids. If you must use a liner, use it on your top lid only and stick to a brown shade. As for the mascara, keep it light. Yet, go ahead and enjoy the lengthening ones.

Rosy cheeks are something the guys do like. It looks as if you have energy. It also makes you look healthier. This look can be achieved with a rosy or cream blush. The key is to make sure that you blend the blush into the apples of your cheeks completely. This will make it look more natural.

Lips are another area that most women will agree must have some sort of makeup to keep them from looking boring and pale. This can be done by simply skipping the usual glossy lipsticks and reaching for a stain. A stain will look more natural on your lips. Plus, a stain will stay on your lips longer and won’t usually give away any tale tale signs of being on when you are drinking from a glass. You should choose a color that is a shade darker than your own lip color. If this still makes you look pale, go for one more shade darker.

Of course, the key for making sure that your guy doesn’t know that you aren’t wearing a lot of makeup is to make sure he doesn’t see you applying your almost natural look. This may mean applying the makeup in the bathroom where prying eyes can’t see. Remember no man should know all of his woman’s secrets, especially her beauty secrets.

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