Makeup Bronzer – How to Fix the Top 6 Mistakes Most Women Make

Bronzer is one of the greatest inventions to hit the retail market since spray-on sunscreen. It’s a tan-in-a-jar that can give anyone a healthy sun-kissed look if applied correctly. Apply bronzer correctly and avoid the top 6 mistakes by following these tips.

Choose the Right Color

Most women choose the wrong color of bronzer. Darker does not equal sexier and that’s not the look presented if the bronzer has the wrong undertones and has been applied with a heavy hand. Choose the shade of bronzer the same way you choose makeup foundation, to match your natural skin tones. Never choose a bronzer that is darker than your skin would naturally become after two weeks in the sun and never apply bronzer so thick that you can’t see freckles through it.

No Bronze Mask

Bronzer should be applied only to the spots on the face where the sun would normally hit, like the bridge of the nose, apples of the cheeks and around the hairline. Applying bronzer all over the face gives the appearance of a bronze mask, not a natural sun kissed look.

Apply Bronzer in Natural Light

The way bronzer looks on your face under a dim bathroom light will be totally different than the look in natural light. Apply bronzer in natural light, like near a window, for best results.

Easy Does It

Apply bronzer with a light hand. More can always be added to achieve the desired look, but it’s difficult to remove bronzer once it has been overdone. If too much bronzer is applied, buff the excess away around the edges with a clean makeup brush or sponge.

Switch Formulas

Pressed powder bronzer is easier to apply than loose powder or gel. Lightly swirl a large, fluffy makeup brush across the pressed powder, then tap it on a tissue to avoid overdoing the color at the starting point on your face.

Dimmer the Shimmer

Wearing shimmering bronzer during the daytime makes you look greasy. If greasy bronze is not the desired look, then wear a matte finish bronzer during the daytime. To glam it up for nighttime shimmer, choose a bronzer that contains the smallest shimmer flecks possible for a subtle, non-greasy-looking shimmer. If too much gel bronzer is applied or if facial skin becomes oily and makes the bronzer look greasy, apply a light dusting of your favorite powdered foundation to help absorb the oil and tone done the greasy-look.

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