Make Your Database Programming Resume Irresistible with Keywords

Don’t underestimate the importance of your database programming resume. After all, it’s the very first impression a prospective employer forms of you. The information you include in the resume is what they use to determine whether or not they will even consider setting up a time to interview you, which is why it needs to shine. Here are some . . . . . .


When adding a new database programming expert to their team, employers already have a pretty good idea about the type of person they’re looking for and what kind of skills they need their new hire to have. One of the ways they do this is by looking at the skills each applicant has listed on their resume. By listing the types of programs, equipment, and jobs you’ve done in the past, you let the employer know whether or not you possess the training needed to go straight to work after they’ve hired you. Specific programs employers will expect you to be familiar with include:

C#- an object oriented program Microsoft created that more and more businesses have started to use. You’ll need knowledge of cross-platform language in order to use C#
JavaScript-A program that has been around for years and remains an effective tool for making webpages interactive and more consumer friendly
HTML-Every single employer you encounter will expect you to know how to use HTML to create and maintain a website. In this day and age, you’ll also need to know how to combine HTML with jQuery and CSS
JAVA-This is another older program that has not gone out of style. It continues to be one of the most used database programming tools in the world.
Structured Query Language-You need to know how to use this program in order to with querying data and editing websites/programs


When employers add a new database programmer to their team, they expect the new programmer will prevent the organizations computer system from going down. You need to be willing to prove that you have the skills and ability recognize potential glitches in the business’s computer program, before the bug leads to major problems. You need to be ready to demonstrate that you’re ability to quickly debug, maintain, rewrite, and update any program you’re assigned.

Productivity Improvement

When putting together your resume, you want to give prospective employers the impression that you won’t just be a part of their database programming team, they want to hire someone who is going to improve not just database programming but the entire company and your resume should make them think you’re that person.

The best way to convince prospective employers you’re serious about productivity improvement is showing examples of how you triggered improvements in your previous places of employment, even if you weren’t working in database programming at the time. Don’t be afraid to also use school projects you were a part of to help show your commitment to productivity improvement


There aren’t many employers out there that are interested in adding another drone to their team of employees. The average employer is looking for someone capable of stepping into a leadership role when circumstances dictate such action is needed. You can use your resume to show prospective employers that you have excellent leadership skills by listing examples of your strong listening skills, decision making abilities, and your knack for taking initiative.


Even though it’s probably the last thing you list on your resume, your database programming education is very important. Not only does your education demonstrate your commitment to database programming, it also helps prospective employers gauge exactly how well you know the systems they expect you to work with. Prospective employers will be often be willing to overlook a resume that’s light on employment history and experience if they see that you have been busy training to be a topnotch database programming engineer.

When employers read your resume, they’re looking for examples that you’re smart, you’re a self-starter, and that you get things done. The best way to do this is providing several examples of programs you’ve designed and managed. During the interview process you will need to be prepared to explain these programs in terms that someone who doesn’t have your background in data programming.

If you think a career in database programming would be a great match for your personality and interests, you should check out ECPI University’s Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer and Information Science program. You can reasonably expect to complete the program in under three years, after which you’ll be ready for a very bright future!

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