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I remember those days when I generously soaked my skin with baby oil and iodine and sun bathed with my friends. Those were some good times. And let me just mention; while doing a little research for writing this article…I ran onto something that captured my attention and rather disturbed me.

Does rubbing motor oil on your skin and sun bathing sound like a good idea for getting a tan? YES! You read that right! lol Never heard of this…and where have I been living? Under a rock maybe? I don’t know you tell me. 😉

Rubbing motor oil on your skin is certainly NOT good for you; just as iodine is not. Furthermore, sun bathing isn’t good for your skin either. Just imagining any type of skin contamination and melanoma fabricates a cringe.

We were born with silky soft skin, and wouldn’t we all cherish to keep it that way!

Below I have 10 tips for keeping your skin soft, gorgeous and healthy all year round

* Drink lots of water! It’s not only good for your weight, it’s good for a good many other things such as your skin. Water keeps your skin hydrated and soft. The winter and fall months are the most important with this rule for beautiful and ageless skin.

* Get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. I’m sure you’ve heard of puffy eye bags? Well, you get them when you don’t get the sleep you need, among other skin infirmities. When you sleep, your body and skin gets energized.

* Throw all beauty products away that has passed their expiration. Talk about bacteria?? You will for sure do harm to your skin by applying expired beauty products. Don’t take a chance….throw them out!

* Did you know that what you eat can affect your skin? Fatty and greasy foods will most likely break your skin out with acne. Chocolate has been known to break out a teenager’s skin with acne. However, it can be the same with adults too. Food high in sugar and fat can affect the collagen in your skin. So basically, eating right for your waistline will also benefit your skin.

* Don’t smoke! It’s a simple concept. The muscles you use to smoke can kindle premature wrinkles. It affects the collagen and elastin in your skin around your eyes and mouth. It’s even been a proven fact that smoking is bad on your neck.

* It’s no wonder that frigid temperatures of winter and fall combined with using ordinary soap can zap moisture out of your skin. The hot water alone when you take showers or baths can be detrimental to the skin. It’s always a good idea to use extra moisturizer during the winter months. Dry winter skin can also cause redness and irritation. Gold Bond is a good moisturizer to use for soft and supple skin.

* Working out is great for your skin. The breathing in and out of oxygen and blood flow increase draws good nutrients to the skin cells. However, it’s a good idea when walking or running outdoors to always apply plenty of sunscreens.

* Avoid stress as much as possible. It takes more muscles to frown than to smile. It’s a lot more compatible to the skin to smile and relax. Also, stress hormones increases oil in the skin.

* Always wear gloves in the cold winter temperatures. Your hands tell your age they say. Keep them warm in the winter time to avoid frostbite, irritation and dryness. Apply lotion on your hands every morning and every night. Remember those hands tell your age. Going to the salon can only do so much! Apply lotion liberally and often.

* It’s a proven fact that sun bathing can certainly cause skin cancer. It’s even worse on your skin if you sun bathe during the hours of of 11 AM through 4 PM. In addition, those tanning beds can literally turn your skin to leather; they are just not good for you at all. If you desire to have tanned skin, opt for the popular color tinted tanning lotions. Better yet, you can get a sprayed tan at the salons. Do yourself a favor and avoid the sun as much as possible and tanning beds.

If you want beautiful skin, take heed and follow my tips above. There are lots of things that do harm to your skin. Pamper the soft skin you were born with! You will be glad you did when you get older.

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