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I first started roughly a year ago in an attempt to start writing online to make an additional income. I have had very erratic hours at my job for the near six years that I have been working with the company. Although, only recently have I actually been settled in at a locked rate for a full time position. However, no matter what I have worked, nothing seems to be able to quench my insatiable money spending habits. So, enter in Writedge, Bubblews, Daily Two Cents and all those other residual income sites.

These sites are on their way to being able to help me make money online writing. Now, the next step as I have found them, will be able to get into a habit of writing myself! No more procrastination! Make money online writing is both easy and hard at the same time. Or, at least that is what I find. The hard part can be that you may or may not know what you are wanting to write about due to the lack of ideas.

Or, you could be on the other extreme and have millions of ideas going through your mind at any point. That tends to cause a lot of pressure and causing a figurative brick wall. So, then there comes the point of trying to get through that in what you want to really write.

The best suggestion though is to write it out in list form. Then, write about whichever you are the most passionate about. Or, if you are quite knowledgeable in that particular field. If you don’t have a whole lot of knowledge on a particular subject, you may also do some research. But, be sure to actually give credit to where it is due. It is considered theft when you do not.

However, if it comes from your very own knowledge or if it should be common sense about what you are writing about, then no credit is really needed at all.

But, either way, once you are done drafting your article, you should be able to publish it onto any one of those sites! When you have a published article, that is when you will start to gain those views! All it takes is one view too, and you could have a bunch of followers who will want to read each and every one of your articles. That is where you will be able to make money online!

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