How to Make a Basic Wire Bracelet

Making bracelets is not just an amateur activity for young girls playing around with pony beads and stretchy string. With the right materials, you can make professional-looking jewelry and create interesting designs and patterns that you love.  A hand-made bracelet  can also be a wonderful gift for a friend. You can make bracelets that look store-bought, using a few easily acquirable materials.

The materials you will need are:

  • flat nose pliers
  • beading wire
  • lobster claw clasps
  • crimp beads
  • jump rings
  • beads of your choice


First, measure a piece of wire that is long enough to go around your wrist, with about half an inch longer at both ends. The extra wire will be used to attach a clasp and a jump ring at both ends. 

 IMG_5866  IMG_5867

Add a crimp bead onto one end of the wire, and then loop the wire through the metal hole in the lobster claw clasp. Once the crimp bead and the lobster clasp are on the wire, loop the end of the wire back through the crimp bead. Use your flat nose pliers, to flatten the crimp bead. This will secure the end of the bracelet. There are many different kinds of clasps you can use besides lobster clasps, such as the toggle clasp which is often used to make charm bracelets. 

IMG_5872 IMG_5874  

IMG_5894 IMG_5877

Next, add the beads you would like! There are many places where you can buy beads from. You can order some from amazon, go to a bead shop, Walmart, or go to a local craft store. You may also be able to find some decent beads in the dollar store or a thrift shop if you’re lucky. Sometimes, taking apart old bracelets or necklaces can allow you to rearrange the beads and make other projects with them.



When you’re done adding the beads, wrap the bracelet around your wrist to make sure that it is long enough. If it isn’t long enough, continue to adding more beads to your bracelet.

To finish off the bracelet, loop the end of the wire through another crimp bead and through a jump ring. 

 IMG_5882 IMG_5884

Then guide the wire through the crimp bead again, and pull on the end of the wire until the loop between the crimp bead and the jump ring shrinks in size.

IMG_5885 IMG_5887

When you’re done, use your flat nose pliers to carefully flatten the bead. Cut off the extra wire that you don’t need,and try to tuck the ends into a bead so that it doesn’t stick out and poke your arm. 

IMG_5889 IMG_5896

Try to experiment with different kinds of beads and designs, and don’t forget to have fun!

 IMG_5897 IMG_5899 IMG_5903 IMG_5923


pictures by whimsical dreamer 



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