How to Make a Valentine’s Day Wreath

If you are the type of person who likes to decorate your home to celebrate each season or holiday, you already are probably thinking of how you want to decorate for Valentine’s Day. Most people who like to spruce things up a bit around the holidays usually turn their creative juices towards their front doors.

Wreaths are the perfect addition to any door, and there are many creative ways you can make a welcoming Valentine’s Day wreath to adorn your front entrance. All you need are a few supplies and some time put aside to create. Once you do that, you can let the ideas flow.

  1. Decide On the Style of Your Valentine’s Day Wreath


moonlightbulb on Flickr- CC BY 2.0 with attribution

There are several different kinds of wreaths you can use for your Valentine’s Day door. Some of the more popular wreaths are wicker, straw, styrofoam or even evergreen. 

You can pick up any of these kinds of wreaths at your local craft store for a few dollars; most of the time you can get a pretty good deal on wreaths during the holidays, check online, at your local craft and hobbies store, or a chain such as Michael’s or AC Moore. 

  1. Supplies You’ll Need

The supplies for your Valentine’s Day wreath can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. Even the novice or inexperienced crafter can easily put together a beautiful Valentine’s Day wreath. All you need is a glue gun, scissors, and the decorations you want to attach to your wreath.

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Photo credit: Leigh Goessl

Some decorative ideas are red, pink or white silk ribbon (thick or thin, I prefer the ribbon to be a bit on the thick side), silk or plastic flowers (I prefer silk), wooden cutouts (hearts are perfect!), red and/or pink paint if the wooden cutouts are not already painted, or plastic hearts. This list is not by far complete; there are all kinds of different styles of decorations you can attach to your wreath.

  1. Steps to Take

After you’ve decided on the kind of wreath that satisfies your decorative and creative side, you can concentrate on how you want to decorate the wreath. You can use all or some of the above decorative supplies, it all depends on your individual taste. 

Depending on the style and size of wreath you’ve chosen (I tend to go with the 14-inch larger size), you may want to cover your wreath in ribbon (particularly for styrofoam wreaths). If you’ve chosen a wicker or evergreen wreath, you can save the ribbon for a bow.

Next –

  • Think about your layout and how you want to arrange your decorations; a good idea is to set them all on the floor and arrange in a circular pattern until you are satisfied.
  • Plug in your glue gun, give it a minute to heat.   
  • Next attach your hearts, flowers or other Valentine decorations; be sure to do one at a time. Dab some hot glue on the back of each one and then attach to the wreath (or the ribbon if wrapped), and press for a few moments to ensure the piece is glued on tight.
  • Repeat for each decoration. Here’s your chance to get creative and pattern the decorations any way you like. The beauty of using glue guns is while the glue holds firm, if you don’t like how something is placed, you can usually take it off and redo it until it is satisfactory to you.
PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

CC0 Image by PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay 

After you successfully attach all your Valentine decorations on your wreath, you can take some of your ribbon and tie a large bowtie and attach to your wreath, either at the base or at the top; just be sure you plan for this during your wreath’s layout so you have enough space.

  1. Hanging Your Valentine’s Day Wreath

Once the glue dries you are ready to attach your wreath, you can do this within minutes of your creation. If you have a knocker or other nail on your door, you can attach with some craft wire, or if you can purchase a wreath holder at the craft store to slip over the door. These are essentially a double hooked gadget that hangs over the top of the door and you can place your wreath on the second hook.

Hanging a Valentine’s wreath makes nice festive addition to any front door. The possibilities are endless, the key is to explore your tastes, choose designs that you like, be comfortable with the glue gun and then let your imagination wander. Whether you are an experienced crafter or new to this kind of project, decorating for Valentine’s Day can be a lot of fun.

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