Maintain Your Lawn Even During Drought Conditions of Summer

It is true that water is needed to keep your lawn healthy and vibrant. But water supply is in scarcity in many regions and drought conditions also prevail during hot summer season. It really can take a toll on your garden or landscape, but there are ways to keep your lawn healthy during these summer droughts and long periods of dry season.

You can develop a drought tolerant landscape and it has been successfully working in many parts of the world since many decades now. Now even in low water conditions, you can maintain a lush green lawn.

You just need to know those proven tactics. In this article, we will explain how to maintain a drought tolerant garden without spending a fortune on it. So let’s discuss the techniques through which you can keep your garden lush green even during droughts.

Know your climate

It is very important to understand what your climate is; so as to decide what kind of plants you can grow. Make sure that the plants you grow do not get dry or diet out during summer.

Know your soil conditions
Knowing your soil conditions and how much rain your garden will receive during different parts of the year will help you a lot in maintaining an evergreen lawn.

Try these plants and grass types
If you know the answers to these questions, you can then select climate appropriate plants that would survive the drought like conditions.  There are different plants that you can try such as cactus, succulents, butterfly bush, hummingbird bush, square bud primrose, and tall grasses.

You can also try certain grasses such as seashore paspalum, Saint Augustine grass, bermuda grass and rye grass. These grasses can survive the draught pretty easily.

Add pollinator plants
You can also add pollinator plants to your garden. The natural pollinators work very hard to help you in maintaining your landscape. This is the true gift of nature. So grow the plants that attract pollinators and add colors to your garden. Hire the services of landscaping services Wesley Chapel and they will help you erect such plants.  

Water wisely; Follow a schedule
Water wisely and never waste it. When water resources are really strained, you can try a few tricks that will not only help you conserve your water, but will also help to keep your lawn lush green.

First of all save water during rainy season and water only when it is required. So when you notice that it is imminent and drought conditions are prevailing, don’t forget to water you lawn. If you are busy, you can contact lawn care Wesley Chapel services and they will take care of it. 

Water deep and do it at a fixed  time
This means that you can irrigate your garden at deeper levels, even if it is less often; it will work. Always water on time and prevent unnecessary wastage of water during dry days and hot sunlight. If you water your plants early in the morning or late in the evening that will be much better because water will not evaporate much at that time due to scorching heat.  Watering schedule will always help you. You can also maintain a timer if you want.

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