Lung Cancer: Symptoms, Stages, and Treatments – From Stage 1 to Stage 4

Cancer is the most horrifying ailment which shakes a person’s soul and body on a cellular level. This disease could come in many shapes and sizes, one well-spread form of this malignant disease is Lung cancer. The disease is marked when cells in your lungs go on a crazy spree of abnormal reproduction.

Before we go on to discuss the symptoms, there are 2 major types of lung cancers, Small cell lung cancer, and non-small cell lung cancer. While both of them share similar symptoms, they have distinctive staging procedure.


  • A permanent cough, with a possibility of blood or dark colored phlegm
  • Recurrent respiratory infections
  • Chest pain, and shortness of breath
  • Any lumps under the skin on the chest or shoulder region
  • Bone pain or headaches in case cancer has spread to the bone or nervous system
  • A sudden change in voice


Before going for a lung cancer treatment, one needs to understand the stage he is in. Your doctor will determine your stage on the parameters of the tumor size and location, the number of lymph nodes affected, and how far cancer has spread. There are 4 different stages of Non-small cell lung Cancer-

Stage 1

In this stage, the cancerous development is just present in a single lung and has not spread to any other organ or lymph nodes. The survival rate for a person diagnosis at stage 1 is 60 to 80 percent which is a fair chance. As a treatment options, the tumor is surgically roved along with some surrounding tissue.

Stage 2-

The earlier contained cancer has now spread to the lymph nodes located in the lungs. The survival chances decline from this stage onwards, with just 30 to 50 percent chances of survival. The same treatment surgery is use, if the tumor is located close to the lungs, then a radiation or chemotherapy is used to shrink the tumor size.

Stage 3-

Stage 3 marks for the cancer cells reaching out to the lymph nodes at the center of your chest but has not affected any organs yet. The 5-year survival chances drastically drop by 10- to 15 percent. A dedicated remission plan featuring surgery, pre and post radiation and chemotherapy are used to control the tumor size.

Stage 4-

When the cancer cells have spread throughout the body affecting multiple organs. In the particular stage, lungs Cancer Treatment is a very different task for both the patient and the doctor as the survival rate is just 1 percent. Chemotherapy and an alternative immunotherapy are used to delay the tumor growth.

Small Cell Lung Cancer-

The second type accounts for just 15 percent of total cancer diagnosed in the world. This form of cancer just yields 2 stages-

Limited stage-

This is the stage when the cancer is limited to just one side of the patient’s body

Extensive stage-

The stage when cancer has spread to the other side as well.

This form of cancer is a tricky one to treat. There is a steep window for only 5 to 10 percent survival chance.

A similar treatment approach is followed for these stages as well.

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