Low Paying Writing Sites Could Lose out

Sites that have a low compensation rate and slow traffic could lose their members. It makes no sense to spend lots of time on a site that will never pay writers or their members what they’re worth. It’s understood that a lot of writing sites make their revenue through advertisements, but if a site stands still and there’s very slow to no progression, then writers will look elsewhere or decrease the amount they write for the site.

Without writers a site wouldn’t grow and without traffic a site won’t flourish. If the site owner or manager isn’t promoting the site than the site won’t receive attention and that could cause a site to go belly up. Everyone has to chip in to promote their work and the site but it can seem fruitless if that isn’t happening.

It’s alright to start out working for low compensating sites, but when you’ve been in the game awhile you will become weary of such event. Then you have to decide that it may be time to move on. Sticking with sites that pay is the way to go, but having a few sites that will generate something worth smiling about is simply smart. If you’re not moving the way you should be, then it may be time to find other ventures. 

Losing advertisers could cause a site to lower their compensation level and that would prove to be unattractive. If they continue to lose writers than they won’t remain up and running. Lets face it, writers have to make a living, and if they spend most of their time working on sites that aren’t generating substance than they need to find others that will pay.

Know when it’s time to move on. Don’t linger around where there’s no growth. Move forward and be grateful for it. Don’t feel bad when you feel that a site isn’t generating what they should. A site can’t start out big but if they’ve been around awhile and things remain the same then it’s time say, “adios.” (Goodbye). 

Know your worth and go after it. Don’t settle for just anything. It’s alright to work on one that is a hobby, but don’t have numerous low paying sites under your belt. It simply isn’t worth it and it could be frustrating for you. Move forward and appreciate the experience you had with a low paying site but don’t make it your all. 

I often wonder how some sites hold it together. It seems as if very little revenue comes rolling in. Writers try to be loyal and stick it out but sometimes you simply have to place your talents elsewhere. Don’t be afraid to do that. It’s about growth and not standing still. 

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