Low Calorie Dessert Options for Holiday Meals

Coffee and tea need not be high in calories or plain boring beverages which are only served during the morning hours. With a little creativity, coffee and tea make a perfect low calorie ending for evening Holiday meals. Tasty, low calorie, easy to prepare, decafe or fully caffeinated and easy on the budget, a cup of coffee or tea is the perfect way to relax and socialize after eating a filling meal. Give these diet friendly coffee and tea ideas a try at your next Holiday meal or family gathering.

Serve Flavored Coffee
In addition to the standard offering of regular or decafe coffee, offer guests at least one flavored coffee variety at the end of the meal. Your local grocery store has a wide variety of coffee flavors to choose from and a slightly sweet, rich flavored (like chocolate) coffee can replace a high calorie dessert while still satisfying the sweet tooth.

Have a Variety of Tea
Tea comes packaged in sampler boxes which is great for trying new tea flavors and having a guest’s favorite blend on hand. Have a variety of herbal tea flavors, green tea mixes and traditional black tea in both caffeinated and decafe on hand to serve at the end of a Holiday meal. Place packaged tea bags in decorative baskets or tins so dinner guests can chose their favorite.

Creative Sweeteners
Sugar is the classic sweetener choice, but we’re stretching beyond classic and looking for creative and low calorie. And with so many new, natural sweeteners on the market, being creative with sweetener has never been easier. Make room beside of the sugar bowl for decorative containers of agave, stevia, truvia, raw cane sugar and local honey for guests to sweeten their coffee and tea without increasing their waistline. Giving new flavors a try in a social setting is a great conversation starter and should open the door for interesting after dinner conversations.

Don’t Forget the Garnishes
Mimic some favorite coffee house garnishes by offering guests fat free whipped topping (flavored or not) to place on top of their hot cup of coffee. Chop hard Christmas candies like peppermint or butterscotch and place in a saucer so guest can sprinkle them on the top of the cup of coffee of hot tea. Shaved dark chocolate also makes a sweet tooth-satisfying, anti-oxidant rich coffee topping.

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