Looking Through the Eyes of History

Can’t imagine what it would be like if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X were here today. How would the both of these Great Leaders deal with the madness taking place in today’s world? Something to think about huh? It appears all of the “Great Leaders” were silenced. The ones who really cared about the rights of all people. What are we to do now? Perhaps try to build but with a whole new style. Different tactics used to establish a solid system. 

There’s way too many injustices to not have strong leaders. Of course being a leader isn’t an easy position to be in. To become a great there must be a lot of training involved. The training can take many years “to complete.” There will never be another Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. but there can be some solid leaders who can achieve what needs to be achieved. 

There’s some leaders who are quite strong but their methods may need some work. Some may have to remove some of their line of thinking. It takes other leaders to build new leaders. Watching the videos of Dr. king speaking and seeing how strong his speeches were. One couldn’t help but listen to such a great man. Although Dr. King was still in his 30’s. He appeared to have been before his time. The “knowledge” and the know how. 

Some leaders may seem lost not knowing what the next step will be. Then there’s leaders who are always on top of what needs to occur. Perhaps observing what the leaders years back did to create changes will help. Each leader has their own style of leading. Leaders should build other leaders. That’s apart of leadership but before a leader can produce other leaders. Their leadership must be well “developed.” 

To develop may take some time. Some are in training most of their lives. Depending on what area of leadership the individuals will be in. High “positions” require lots of training. Learning different techniques to use in the most problematic of situations. Leadership isn’t for all. Some are unwilling to take on such responsibility. Just watching the videos of how Malcolm X lead his people. 

Malcolm was certainly a strong leader and although many may not have agreed with his leadership style. There’s no denying Malcolm at a way with the people. Drawing so many in. Malcolm X was able to gain the attention of his people. Some leaders become so large. Others will become intimidated by their power. That’s why so many leaders were assassinated. Not wanting the leaders to have so much power. 

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