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Great eyebrows for great looks!

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It’s exciting to think that something as unassuming and as inconsequential as your eyebrows will make such a huge difference to your look. But properly applied eyebrows have the power to do just that.

If you take the time to look at the celebrities and how fabulous their eyebrows look, and realize what a huge difference it makes to their beauty, you will get the importance of great-looking eyebrows. Plus, it’s a best kept secret how makeup artists use eyebrow makeup to make many an actress (and actor) younger looking.

The success is in the details

The primary thing to understand for great looking eyebrows, is to use a natural colour in either your pencil or eyebrow palette.  That colour is taupe in medium or dark. Surprisingly, it works for almost everyone. 

Even redheads are okay with taupe as, if you really think about it, most natural redheads do not have red eyebrows. However, a little auburn pencil or shading can be added to the taupe if your looking to match your red hair.

Generally brunettes would use the deep taupe and blondes, the medium. The light taupe is too insipid and light on a blonde for today’s look. To lighten up on  the medium taupe, all that needs to be done is a lightening of the pressure.

It is best to make sure the pencil is sharp for definition and hair-like strokes!

Great shape

Lining up a pencil from the outside of each nostril vertically to your eyebrow will show you where your brow should begin. And then, fanning the pencil out to where your eye ends, will show you where your brow should stop.

Pay attention to great looking eyebrow shapes and practice with a pencil and brow shadow. The inner brow should be softly triangular that sweeps up to a soft arch and then ends in a narrower tail.

Blending the brows to soften any hard lines,  after application will ensure they’re not too dark- which is the most common mistake. But keep in mind, they should not be too light either and most importantly, make sure you start with a clean brow, devoid of hair.

Waxing or tweezing is the best way to go to ensure your professional, clean brow area.

Take a stand-back, analytical view of the eye brow colour and shape and adjust accordingly.

Professional help

If there is still confusion about colour or shape, a consultation with a beauty specialist or aesthetician is recommended. Improving your looks with such little cost and effort has never been easier!

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