Learning the Ropes: A Newbie Guide

Learning the Ropes: A Newbie Guide

Most of us have come to Writedge to write. It is our passion. Our careers for the majority of us as we are known to be freelance writers. Or even just a job to help provide an additional income. However, we all have something in common. We all have started at the bottom of the totem pole, and being the new person on the site. I am no different. Rather, as I only have recently joined up myself and am still beginning to accustom myself to the world of writing from home, I thought that I could help out anyone else who has joined. This guide, shall you choose to join, will help you out after you have actually created your account.

Before you can publish any content on your own, you do need three articles that are approved by the staff. That is a rule by Writedge, not me. Some of you may struggle to figure out what you may want to write about, or perhaps you already know of three articles that you want. If you do know what you want, that is great! You may proceed past this point and on to the rest of the site!

If you are a struggler, I may recommend that your first post be all about you!  A fellow author and a friend of mine has wrote a challenging post. (http://writedge.com/the-ten-things-about-me-challenge/) All you now need to do is go through that and change DLWright’s answers to the questions about them, to things that apply to you. You may give as much detail to your answers as you want or as little about them as you want. Just be sure that your post is roughly 400-500 words long. (A standard post is actually 300-400 words long, though this post will already have a good 100 words already for you, so adding a bit more will not hurt.) For the record, my post when I posted mine had roughly 800 words total. So, that is probably a good 700 words on top of what DLWright had wrote.

So, now that you have actually wrote your first post, you probably have it saved as a draft. You will need to have it saved as “Pending Review” until you are promoted. You should also tag your post with the ‘About Me Challenge’ Tag as well. You may also add images to your posts as well, but there are no rules stating that you have to have them on all your posts. Most of the time, the images are just there to enhance the overall look of the post or to help draw in readers.

Now that you are actually done your first post, you only have two more posts to go! Are you still stuck on what you may want to write about? No? Well, if you know you are great at doing something, you can always write about that. For me, I sort of did this a bit backwards, but I also knew what I wanted to write for at least two of my articles. I had actually stumbled upon the challenge afterwards. But, if you have a different passion, such as say attending rodeos, you could write about those. Perhaps in the vew of a participant, and as an audience member if you have had the chance to do that. Or, perhaps there is that series that you just love to read. Write a lengthy review about it! If you are neither sports nor literature inclined, then there are various other categories that you may have more experience in! You just need two more posts. And, the third article can not be one that you have published previously if you are on other sites, or spun.

But, just remember that just before you change your status to “Pending Review” or to publish in general after you are able to, then you should always make sure that you have optimized your post by including at least two or more tags. After all, the more tags you have though, the more your post will get optimized on search engines!

Finally, the final step (which is something that I have yet to get into a routine to do yet) is to promote your link on several of your favorite social media sites, such as Twitter or Facebook as soon as you are a published author. Writedge offers a wide variety of where you can post!

By using any and all the social media outlets that you can possibly write on, you are increasing the traffic to both your article and to Writedge! Don’t forget to try and blog it on your own site as well if possible!

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