Laugh at the Antics

No need to stress over what others will or won’t say. Where we’re doing something great. There will be hecklers. Laugh with the hecklers because some of the hecklers funny. Hope they’re not behind the computer sweating because they’re so heated. Trying to frame competition. Using a minor to try and assist with their wicked plans. Be careful with the haters. They’re just that devious to try whatever they can to get what they want. 

Not only competition but some will go through some great extremes to try and bring their opponent down. Doesn’t matter what. Some chuckles and continue moving forward and everything will be alright. See a little competition is good but when others take to criminal behavior in order to beat their competitors. Society has a big problem. When there’s so many committing cyber crimes then Law Enforcement has a lot to deal with. The individuals will be so out of control that the law will need the national guard, army, navy and marines. 

Some are needed online. Just observe the ridiculousness. It’s better to laugh then to allow those spirits to settle within. Sometimes there’s belly rolls because some of the antics are unbelievable. If they can’t compete then they’ll bring the heat and not the Miami Heat. The insanities are beyond. Online activity is hilarious. Some are in so deep that they’ll have to duck and dodge to avoid lawsuits and jail time. 

Oh yes. Competition is madness. The constant insults tweeted out and the poor people keep trying to make something happen butvwho needs to pay attention to the insults? All of that energy could have been used promoting their work. No, the objective for the competitors s to lay their competition out, so they work hard trying to do so. Of course some of the antics is bullying. In fact all of the antics is bullying because bullying consist of continuous action. 

Ignoring the noise makers is a great way to enjoy our time. There’s other things that nerd attention and one of those things isn’t cyber bullies and overly competitive individuals. There will always be competition but some will take the whole competitiveness too far. In order to keep our sanity. We must shut a lot of the harassment out. If there needs to be some contact with law enforcement and other agencies then that’s what needs to occur. 

Laugh through it all. Life shouldn’t be filled with worrying about what the competition will do. No matter what is said. They will continue on. They meaning the ones who tweet and post insults. That’s what they do. They bully, they are overly competitive, they will try to use children to their advantage. 

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Major Competition Online

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