Lack Of Urgency On Global Climate Change


                                                                                Adam Grazewski

I would like to talk about the the lack of urgency on the topic of climate change and energy. At this point the earth is already on a downward spiral. With all of the pollution and damage that us humans cause on the earth it is very unlikely to me that it will be possible to remedy this issue before drastic global climate change and geographical changes take place. Humans have had too much of a negative impact on the earth. Our weather patterns have been insane , animals are dropping dead randomly, our salt water cycles are changing due to increased amounts of fresh water from melting glaciers, pollution is ridiculous, the earth has shifted on its axis which will likely cause more weather issues, nuclear reactors keep cracking causing radiation issues, and we keep over-using natural resources causing the earth’s infrastructure to be weakened. With all of these variables (and the ones i missed) it’s likely that the planet is too damaged to stop the effects of this. While we are trying to reduce these variables its about time we start preparing for the consequences of our races actions. Many people think it will be hundreds of years before we see drastic changes in the condition of the planet, however i believe that all of these variables will overlap therefore causing a snowball effect that will speed up the process. This means that we should be not only be trying to find a sustainable source of energy but also a way to bunker down and weather out the extreme conditions we will most likely be seeing otherwise we could be looking at a post-apocalyptic version of the earth. Its time we start taking aggressive and positive steps towards a better world.

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