Kitchen ABC’S for Newlyweds


This is to help all of the new brides or bridegrooms that are new to the kitchen, or even those who are on their own for the first time.
How many times have you heard someone laughingly say I can’t even boil an egg? Well,there are some people who cant because they have no idea how to even start.
I married very young and had no idea how to cook.I never helped mom in the kitchen,but luckily I figured it out on my own.I have always been able to think about what a dish tasted like and then try to puzzle out what the ingredients were.It didnt always turn out perfect at first but it was edible.
That technique will not work out for baking where specific ingredients in exact amounts are called for.
Cooking can be relaxing and fun,cleanup never is.Even if you dont enjoy it it does not have to be stressful.
Start by buying the best cookware set you can afford. Make sure you have a couple of sizes of spoons,plastic if you have non-stick cookware and a spatula.A couple different sizes of casserole dishes,a roasting pan,cake pan and cookie sheets.These things will get you started.If you are on a tight budget there is nothing wrong with rummage sale shopping or asking mom or grandma if they have a couple old pans to spare.
Basic spices and seasonings to get you started cooking would be salt and pepper,garlic salt and or powder,seasoning salt,a blended italian seasoning,and if you like spicy, red pepper flakes.

Try to keep butter,shredded cheese and eggs in the refrigerator.With those three things and a couple items from the cupboard you can always be able to throw together something simple to eat.
Ground beef is great to keep in the freezer.You can mix it together with sauces,or cheese,rice and cream soups and pasta and make a simple but delicious casserole or a plate of spaghetti with meat sauce.

Keep your cupboard stocked with different types of pasta and rices and soup.Keep things simple at first so you dont get frustrated.

A very simple but elegant looking dinner is fettucini with shrimp alfredo sauce.All it entails is a box of fettucini,cooked,a jar of ragu alfredo sauce,a package of frozen salad shrimp ,thawed(and not very expensive)and a can of sliced mushrooms.Warm the ingredients up together and serve over the fettucini.Someone will think you spent all day cooking.

And about those boiled eggs…yes you can.Place the eggs in a saucepan add enough water to cover them.Set them on the burner on high.Once they start boiling time them for 10 minutes.Remove them from the stove and drain out the water.Voila! boiled eggs.Great just like they are,or make egg salad by chopping them up,mashing with a fork,add a little mayo and salt and pepper and you have egg salad.




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