Kindle e-reader (2014)-Review

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When it comes to investing in an e-reader, there is always a question. Do I need a separate device for my reading needs? In this era of smartphones and tablets buying a device which is just for reading, do you think it is a smart choice? Today we have apps for smartphones and tablets just for reading purposes. So what this new Kindle e-reader offers which makes it a better choice for keen readers.

I received my kindle e-reader (2014) a week ago. Let me first highlight some quick key features.

6 inch Touch screen with anti-glare

Wi-Fi Enabled

1 GHz Processor

4 GB storage

Price: $79

The device is good and is an improved version from previous last year Kindles. Amazon has bumped the storage from 2GB to 4GB. For an e-reader 4GB is enough, you can store thousands of e-books in this provided memory capacity.

Also the processor speed is 1 GHz which was 800 MHz on previous versions of kindle. I can feel the slight improvement in speed from the previous kindles. The reading experience in it is totally awesome. The device replicates the experience of reading a paperback novel. Sure you know where this device stands. Kindle Voyage with the better resolution and PPI (pixel per inch) is better choice but there’s more than $100 price difference between these two devices.

So with this device you are getting what you paid for. At this price there is nothing better you can get. Some of the Pros and Cons are as follows

PROS: Its low price is definitely a biggest pro. Along with increased processor speed and storage you will experience reading like a paperback novel. It is small in size which increases its portability. There is no screen glare, even in bright day light.

One most interesting thing is that you’ll not miss the touch of actual paper while reading books on this device, the touchscreen is designed in this way. Well nothing can replicate the feeling of actual paper but this screen come pretty close.

The integration of Kindle store and GoodReads makes it easier to choose from thousands of e-books.

CONS: Nothing is perfect, the biggest disadvantage of kindle e-reader is that it does not come with integrated lights. While some people can live with that but for some people this could be a must have feature and could be a deal breaker.

One have to spend a whole $40 more to get this feature, and that too to get previous year paperback edition which is equipped with lights but have 2GB storage with 800 GHz processor.

Kindle Voyage is the only one to go for if you want in built lights along with all the upgrades, but for that you have to spend $100 more.

(I apologize for not providing you with actual images of my own, I do not have the device with me right now, after using it for 2 or 3 days I gifted it to my sister.) 

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