Kid’Sleep Moon: a Nice Clock for Children But…

I recently looked for a clock for my 4 yo son to teach him bed time. It isn’t always easy for him to understand that he should be sleeping, especially when it is still day outside. I wanted a quite simple clock showing whether it is sleeping time or day time.

When I found the Kid’Sleep Moon, I was quite excited. It was very cute and looked quite similar to what I had in mind with the distinction daytime (led on the top showing) and sleeping time (led at the bottom).

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There are several Kid’Sleep clocks. I bought the Moon one which has the advantage of having a small screen on the right (dark on the picture, but it is a digital screen) displaying the time or a sunset/moonset.

OK, now for the “but”. I believe there is still some room for improvement.

First, it is too easy for children to switch off the clock. The “on/off/alarm” switch is very apparent (and seemingly very appealing to children). Only took a couple of minutes for my son to turn the clock off. On the other hand, it isn’t easy for children to set the clock wrong (changing the time, waking time, etc… isn’t easy) and they hopefully stop playing with the on/off switch after a little while.

Another regret of mine: it is possible to set up the waking time but not the sleeping time. The “go to sleep” process must be activated manually (by the press of a button). This also means you shouldn’t start the clock in front of your child (otherwise it will display the moon by default and it may confuse him/her or discredit the clock).

Is It So Bad I Want to Return It?

I know I am criticizing this device quite a lot but this is just because I really believe it could be better. I still think it is a pretty good clock and possibly the best available on the market (haven’t seen anything even close to it).

So no, I don’t want to return it. I would suggest though that if you buy it, you make sure to make the purchase through a website you trust, like Amazon, so that you could return it, would you be unhappy with it.

First Use Tip:

Let me give you some tips so that you avoid a few mistakes I made myself at the beginning. Before setting up the time, insert the batteries in the battery compartment. Children are quite quick to unplug the clock (to play with it, check it, etc…) and if you don’t have batteries in it, the times will reset (time of the day, waking up time, waking up time weekend, etc…).

Also, when you first start it, you will see the moon (even if it is day time). You have to wait until the first wake up time (the morning of the day after) to get a consistent state where the sun is showing during day time and where you can activate the moon by pressing the “go-to-sleep” button.

That’s it for this review, thanks for reading it. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment (whether you agree or disagree with what I wrote or if you want more information about something in particular).

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