Most Succesful Technology Projects at Kickstarter in 2014

2014 has been a crazy year at Kickstarter with more than 2000 funded projects. Some even got 20 or even 30 times what they were asking for! Imagine going to your bank to borrow 10 000 dollars and coming back with 300 000!

Special Mention

But before I start with the list, I would like to mention a nice for-fun project which has appealed to all of us fans of “Back to the Future”: the Hendo hoverboard!





The project is now hover but you can check their website:

Success Criteria

Success is a bit subjective and to compile this list I had to take some decisions. If a project asks for $1 and got $800, should it be considered more successful than one which asks for $100.000 and got  $1.000.000? It did get more in terms of percentage (80.000%) but these projects are not really in the same “league”, are they? I also thought the number of backers had some importance as popularity is definitively a part of success.

Pono Music, 18.000+ backers, $6.000.000+ raised ($800.000 goal)

Let’s start this list then with Pono Music, a portable music player which redefines the sound quality of digital music.

Why so much hype about a music player?

  • designed entirely for 
  • 64 GB internal storage and a SD card slot
  • touch screen

Here is an in-depth review of it:





You can buy the pono player here.

Reading Rainbow, 100.000+ backers, $5.400.000+ raised ($1.000.000 goal) 

The next project in this list is a very inspirational one. Its aim? Bringing back reading, everywhere, for everyone and on every support. Tablets, browsers, …





The project is over but you can still pledge for it here.

The Micro: a Consumer 3D Printer, 10.000+ backers, $3.000.000+ raised ($50.000 goal)

3D printers have had quite some focus in 2014. The micro, a consumer-centric 3D printer is the project which got the 3rd highest fund at Kickstarter in 2014. It is quite incredible this project got 60 times what it was asking for!

Here is its presentation video:





You can still preorder it on their website:

While in the 3D printers, I should also mention another project: FLUX. It didn’t get as much money but it is more recent and still went over the million dollar fund. 





That one is available here.

Sense: Know More, Sleep Better, almost 20.000 backers, $2.400.000+ raised ($100.000 goal)

The 4th project to get over 1 million in funds is about a nice product that can improve your sleep. It tracks down many parameters about your sleeping environment and can also help you wake up in a better mood with a smart alarm (similar to the Jawbone).

Learn more about Sense in this video:





You can order it on their website: NB: it doesn’t seem to work outside the U.S.

The Playbulb Candle, 4000+ backers, $250.000+ raised ($5.000 goal)

The final project of this list is about “digital candles” and if you wonder about why they are cool, Playbulb Candle has some answers for you. For example, what about the fact that you can change their colors and brightness from your phone?

Playbulb Candles also come with a scent diffuser and if you are still not convinced and would rather have traditional candles, just turn the Playbulb Candle upside down and it will become a Candle holder! 





You can get them from their website:

Not in This List

There were many more interesting projects but I couldn’t include all of them here. Let me just quickly mention that a few of them were about objects to help you find things you lost (StoneTether, Tile, SmartWallIt, …).

That’s it for now. Wish you all a happy 2015, hoping it will also be an exciting year!

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