Keeping In Touch While Traveling

Keeping in touch while you are traveling is important. Especially these days, when we have instant contact with friends and family through texting and our cell phones, it is vital for your peace of mind that you being able to keep up to date with not only what is going on with you but what is happening at home. 

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Before you leave for vacation, whether you are traveling around your own country or going abroad, be sure to leave a detailed copy of your itinerary with family and friends. If for any reason anything happens to you, you want someone to know where you are scheduled to be at any point in your journey.

Cell phone

Not every cell phone will be able to be used from every country around the world. Before leaving for vacation, contact your carrier and ask about anything that may be required of you to make sure that your phone works internationally. Fees for use outside of your home country may also be very high. It is important that you make whatever changes to your plan are necessary.

Many phones need to be unlocked and you may have to purchase a SIM card for every country you plan to visit. When you are from the U.S. say and visiting Canada you won’t need to unlock your phone, however, you will incur roaming charges and these can amount to hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Be sure to understand what your plan actually covers.

Most carriers will allow you to add coverage for a limited time while you are away. Be aware that if you are cruising, there will not be cell service. You will need to resort to another method of contact. Never assume anything when it comes to cellphone services.

One way around the worst of this is adding Skype to your apps. You can then use Wi-Fi to access Skype and Skype rates will apply.

You can also buy a local prepaid phone, this can work especially well if you are only visiting one country.

Phone booth

These are becoming harder and harder to find but if you do find one, it will most likely need a prepaid phone card that can be purchases from local stores usually a tobacconist or pharmacy.
You can also reverse the charges this way and let the person you are calling ay for the call. While your parents may agree to accept charges, friends might be reluctant.


Most people travel with at least one device that has Internet access and this allows you to email regularly. Have a code word that allows your family to know that it is you who is emailing them. It you have email you may be able to use Skype which is free if used computer to computer so this is a great chance to have face to face time with family and friends while you are away.

Even if you don’t have an Internet device with you, many hotels, bed and breakfasts and hostels do offer use of a computer and even cruise lines do.

Drop them a line

As a last resort, you can always send a post card or a letter. If you are on a short trip, chances are you may arrive home before your letter or postcard but they make a great souvenir of your travels.

No matter where you are in the world today, there are ways to communicate with people back home. Keep in touch, you will be glad you did and so will they. Keeping in touch while traveling is the safe thing to do.

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