Why Katarina Phang is the Best Dating Coach for Women

best dating coach for women

There are a lot of dating coaches out there today.  Many who have had little luck in love are now seeking out these coaches.  So why do I say Katarina Phang is the best dating coach for women?  Because her methods work.  Because she now has over 20 engagements under her belt, but more than that, the women she coaches learn to know their value, love themselves and they learn to take responsibility for their own happiness.

A lot of dating coaches for women out there focus on the man’s behavior.  They tell you how to use things like feeling messages.  They tell you to not sleep with them for 90 days,  They give you all these rules.  A good dating coach for women focuses on you the woman.  She helps you learn to manage your own emotions, and quieten your anxieties.

Our anxieties in relationships are often how we self sabotage and destruct our relationships. We become so anxious that we cling, analyze, and twist ourselves into pretzels to keep a man.  We abandon ourselves for the sake of having love in our lives.  We over give, over function from a place of fear.  Fear of losing a man. Katarina’s clients move beyond this.

As a dating coach for women, she takes them on a journey inward.  They learn not to rely on their partners for approval or validation. The result of that is they become easy to be with.  Their feminine energy shifts and becomes stronger as they focus more on gaining control of self than gaining control over a man and a relationship.

Katarina teaches that there is great freedom in just being and releasing your need to control your relationship and your partner.  When you have control over yourself, your emotions, you become a high value woman and men naturally want to be around you.

She doesn’t teach hard to get like many dating coaches do.  She teaches you how to be easy to lose.  In other words, you don’t try to change a man, you accept him or reject him.  Though your energy is soft and feminine,  you are easy to please, you won’t hesitate to walk and you will know when to walk.  Katarina’s clients are no doormats.

You will learn the art of leaning back and creating feminine mystique. Some say Katarina’s methods are controversial.  Her ideas on rotation dating are criticized by many other dating coaches for women.  Her results however, speak for themselves. I am in her online group on Facebook and her success stories grow every day.

This quote by Katarina Phang sums up her teachings perfectly.  To ignite a man’s devotion, a woman has to surrender to her feminine essence.  She can’t surrender unless she trusts him.  She can’t trust him until she trusts herself.  She can’t trust herself until she is full within herself.  She can’t feel full unless she nurtures herself with no apology.

The best part of watching these women in her group though is watching them grow, become confident, love themselves and recognize their own value.  If you are looking for the best dating coach for women, and looking for results, Katarina Phang is your woman.

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