Juggling a Newborn and Working: Tips For Feeding

Working at home with a little one can be overwhelming at times. You have to learn how to juggle being a mom and being a worker at the same time. When my son was a newborn, my husband had a full time job. My working online brought in extra income, but it was not our sole source of income. My son is a little over a year old now, my husband does not have a job, and I am the sole source of income.

Whether you have a newborn, an infant, a baby or a toddler – how do you balance working from home and being a parent?

Breastfeeding a newborn baby

Breastfeeding a newborn baby (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Breastfeeding, Work Time
I think that sleeping with a newborn is scary. I have a distant family that slept with her newborn, rolled over on the newborn, and killed the newborn. Co-sleeping is something that shouldn’t happen until your child is mobile. So, I don’t really recommend breastfeeding and trying to relax/sleep.

Breastfeeding is a good opportunity to work if you can get in a comfortable position where your baby can eat while you are typing. When my son was a newborn he had to eat every two hours because he was having issues gaining weight. Obviously, I had to find a way to do things while feeding him in order to get anything done. Laptops are a godsend to a work at home/breastfeeding mom.

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Breast Pump/Formula Feeding
Breast pumps are a good investment if you are a working mom (regardless of if you work from home). Any mom that wants to breastfeed should not have to sacrifice that desire because they have to work. Pump out the milk and get someone else to feed the breast milk to your baby. As long as you freeze it or store it in the fridge, you should be able to stock up on plenty for someone else to help you with feedings.

Formula is never going to be as nutritional as breast milk, but they wouldn’t give it as a source of food if it was going to kill your baby either. If you are not breast feeding or you have trouble getting everything done. There is nothing wrong with a couple bottles of formula. You could even do a couple just to give you a chance to start pumping a few bottles of breast milk.

Once you get a decent supply of breast milk stocked up/stored, it is pretty easy to stay ahead of your baby’s eating habits. The key is just getting stocked up initially.

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